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    01.04.16 Hon. Sterling Johnson Jr. '66 and Hon. John M. Leventhal '79 Honored at Annual Brooklyn Bar Association Foundation Dinner
    Scales of justice

    Hon. Sterling Johnson Jr. ‘66, a Senior Judge in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York; and Hon. John M. Leventhal ‘79, Associate Justice, Appellate Division Second Department were among the six honorees at the Brooklyn Bar Association Foundation Annual Dinner at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge Hotel in December.

    A native of Brooklyn, Judge Johnson is a former Marine and spent eight years as a New York City Police Officer, where he was promoted to Detective and later Sergeant. He spent 30 years as an attorney before his federal appointment, specializing in drug enforcement and the prosecution of narcotics cases. As the first Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York, he supervised assistant district attorneys and investigators responsible for the preparation and prosecution of more than 7,000 criminal cases. He also served as Executive Director of the New York City's Civilian Complaint Review Board – the first African-American to head a major prosecutorial office in New York City. Judge Johnson was named a Brooklyn Law School Alumni of the Year in 1996.

    Judge Leventhal previously served as a New York State Supreme Court Judge for 14 years, where he presided over the nation’s first felony Domestic Violence Court. Today, the court is a model for other judges and court administrators worldwide. He has been honored with numerous awards for his work, including the Distinguished Achievement Medal from the New York State Free and Accepted Masons; the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association Beatrice M. Judge Recognition Award; and the New York Board of Rabbis and Dayenu Voices of Valor “Elijah Award” for male leadership in ending domestic violence. In 2009, Judge Leventhal was named a Brooklyn Law School Alumni of the Year.

    More than a thousand lawyers, judges, and other leaders in the Brooklyn community, including Dean Nick Allard, attended the dinner. Mayor Bill de Blasio called the gathering a colorful cast of characters that could only be found in Brooklyn.

    Read coverage of the dinner from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, featuring photos of Geraldo Rivera ’69, who introduced honoree Alan Dershowitz; Michael Farkas ’94; Hon. Matthew J. D’Emic ’77; Aimee L. Richter ’93; Albert Tomei ’64; Frank Carone ’94; Rose Ann Branda ’84; Marsha Steinhardt ’72; Andrea Bonina ’92; Joann Monaco ’97; Grace Borrino ’05; Salvatore Scibetta ’06; David Schmidt ’82; John Lonuzzi ’92; and Professor Barry Kamins.