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  • 12.26.14 Professor Poser Published in New York Law Journal
    Professor Emeritus Norman Poser

    Professor of Law Emeritus Norman Poser wrote a brief article for the Dec. 15, 2014, New York Law Journal titled “Lord Mansfield’s Continuing Influence on Law.”

  • 12.23.14 Dean Allard in The New York Times on Declining Law School Enrollment
    Nick Allard

    Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard was quoted in the Dec. 17, 2014, New York Times article, "A Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment Accelerates." The article examined the drop in law school admissions, comparing enrollment statistics to those of four years ago when the U.S. was experiencing a historic recession.

  • 12.18.14 Professor Roberta Karmel Reviews Definition of Accredited Investor
    photo of a professor

    In her latest New York Law Journal column covering Securities Regulation, Professor Roberta Karmel assesses the “legal fiction” of the “accredited investor” as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • 12.12.14 Commentary: Professor Arthur Pinto on the Need to Reform Federal Insider Trading Law

    The following commentary from Professor Pinto comes in response to the recent well-publicized federal court case United States v Newman, in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit overturned the insider trading convictions of two portfolio managers who allegedly profited by receiving confidential information through tips. Professor Pinto argues that current insider trading laws are murky at best and merit revisiting.

  • 12.11.14 Professor Twerski’s Article, “Fixing Failure to Warn,” Earns Advanced Acclaim by New York Law Journal
    Professor Aaron Twerski

    “Fixing Failure to Warn,” a forthcoming article in the Indiana Law Journal by Professor Aaron D. Twerski and co-author James A. Henderson Jr., professor emeritus at Cornell Law School, “merits serious attention by the bench and litigation bar,” writes Michael Hoenig in the December 8, 2014 issue of the New York Law Journal.

  • 12.02.14 The Conversation Publishes Article by Professor Dana Brakman Reiser On New Social Network Ello
    Dana Brakman Reiser

    The new invitation-only social media platform Ello “is enjoying its moment of fame – in part thanks to its use of the latest fad in corporate legal structures,” writes Vice Dean and Professor of Law Dana Brakman Reiser in her recent article: “Ello’s public benefit status won’t be enough to keep the social network free of ads.”

  • 11.25.14 Two Brooklyn Law School Professors Named to New American Law Institute Projects
    Brian Lee

    In January 2013, Brooklyn Law School co-sponsored a symposium titled “Restatement Of...” with the American Law Institute (ALI), which produced an outstanding Brooklyn Law Review volume. One of the symposium panels broached new restatement projects that the ALI could potentially undertake, a Copyright Restatement among them. At another panel, the venerable Restatement of Property drew trenchant criticism.

  • 11.24.14 Professor Arthur Pinto Quoted in The Wall Street Journal

    In a Letter to the Editor of The Wall Street Journal published Nov. 23, Professor Arthur Pinto responded to the Nov. 14 op-ed “Delaware Flirts With Encouraging Shareholder Lawsuits.”

  • 11.21.14 Professor Jodi Balsam on Internet Sports Gambling in The New York Times
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, a sports law expert and former in-house counsel at the National Football League, spoke to the New York Times about the implications for other leagues of the National Basketball Association's recent shift toward permitting online sports betting.

  • 11.12.14 Professor Jodi Balsam Appears On ESPN’s Outside the Lines
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Jodi Balsam

    On Tuesday, November 11, at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN2, Outside the Lines featured BLS Professor Jodi Balsam in its special feature, “Domestic Violence and Sports: Out of the Shadows.”

  • 11.12.14 Dean Allard Questions NCBE President on the Scoring of July 2014 Bar
    Brooklyn Law School - President and Dean Nicholas Allard

    On October 23, Erica Moeser, President of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, sent a memo to all law school deans across the country. The memo contained the information that there was a significant drop in the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) scores...

  • 11.07.14 Celebrating Life at the Center: Professor Karmel on Securities Regulation
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Roberta Karmel

    Roberta S. Karmel, the Centennial Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, has been at the center of U.S. securities regulation throughout her distinguished career as a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner, a practitioner at major law firms, an attorney in the enforcement division of the SEC New York Regional Office, public director of the New York Stock Exchange, and the head of the Board of Trustees of the Practising Law Institute.

  • 11.06.14 Professor David Reiss in Inc. on Legal Pitfalls for Entrepreneurs
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss, recently appointed Research Director of Brooklyn Law School's Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE), was quoted extensively by startup news website Inc. on the legal challenges most common to new ventures.

  • 11.06.14 Professor William Hellerstein Named Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award Recipient
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Willian Hellerstein

    On Saturday, November 15, 2014, in Atlanta, Brooklyn Law School Professor of Law Emeritus William Hellerstein will be presented with  a 2014 Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award. Primarily given to professors teaching in medicine, psychology, or law, the award recognizes educators who have inspired their former students to “create an organization which has demonstrably conferred a benefit on the community at large.”

  • 11.03.14 Recent Study by Brooklyn Law School Professor Macey Finds Environmental Hazards Near Residential Areas
    Professor Gregg Macey

    A recently published study co-authored by Associate Professor Gregg Macey examined air pollution near oil and natural gas production sites in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Ohio, and Colorado, finding potentially cancer-causing levels of chemicals in locations close to where people live.

  • 10.21.14 Professor Lawrence Solan Comments on How the Increasing Use of Adverbs in Statutes Affects Judicial Decision Making in the Wall Street Journal
    Professor Larry Solan

    Professor Lawrence Solan spoke to the Wall Street Journal about how since the 1980s there has been a surge of adverb-dense disputes.

  • 10.15.14 New Book by Professor Christopher Beauchamp Examines Bell's Fight for the Telephone Patent
    Invented By Law

    Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1876 stands as one of the great touchstones of American technological achievement. Bringing a new perspective to this history, Invented by Law, (Harvard University Press 2014), a new book by Professor Christopher Beauchamp, examines the legal battles that raged over Bell’s telephone patent, likely the most consequential patent right ever granted.

  • 10.14.14 Brooklyn Law School Announces $1 Million Grant for Innovative Legal Clinic Serving Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Professor Natalie Chin

    October 14, 2014 – Brooklyn Law School (“BLS”) announced a new innovative clinical program addressing the legal needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities – a vastly underserved population – and their families.

  • 10.14.14 Professor Joel Gora Comments on Campaign Finance Reform in New York Times Op-Ed
    Professor Joel Gora

    October 14, 2014... Professor Joel Gora, a sought-after expert on election law, the First Amendment, and campaign finance policy, has spoken out against campaign contribution limits under the Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments (FECA) in a New York Times editorial, contributing to a debate marking the 40th anniversary of FECA’s enactment.

  • 10.09.14 Professor David Reiss Hosts C-SPAN Panel Discussion on City Planning
    David Reiss

    On September 21, 2014, Brooklyn Law School opened its doors to book lovers as a Cultural and Programming Partner of the 9th annual Brooklyn Book Festival, New York City’s largest free literary event.

  • 10.09.14 Vice Dean Cahill Discusses Mandatory Minimum Sentences on BK Live
    Michael Cahill

    Vice Dean Michael Cahill, a criminal law scholar whose work has examined sentencing law and policy, recently appeared on local television program BK Live to discuss mandatory minimum sentences.

  • 10.01.14 Professor I. Bennett Capers Appointed to the Civilian Complaint Review Board
    Professor I. Bennett Capers

    October 1, 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Professor I. Bennett Capers, a leading expert in criminal law and procedure, and evidence law to serve on the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB).

  • 09.26.14 Professor Jodi Balsam comments in NY Times on N.F.L.'s Record in Hiring Women
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, Director of Brooklyn Law School’s Civil Externship Program and a former senior executive with the N.F.L., spoke to The New York Times about how the league and its 32 teams have done a poor job hiring women.

  • 09.19.14 Professor Minor Myers Details New Perspectives on Stockholder Litigation
    Minor Myers

    Professor Minor Myers, who focuses his scholarship on corporate governance and stockholder litigation, recently co-authored a new article forthcoming in the Ohio State Law Journal exploring whether the merits matter in suits brought by stockholders to challenge mergers.

  • 09.16.14 Dean Allard Interviewed by Lawdragon on What Makes BLS So Unique

    In a detailed Q&A with Lawdragon, Dean Nick Allard describes how Brooklyn Law School provides one of the most “student-centric,” personally tailored law school experiences in the nation.

  • 09.12.14 Professor Lisa Smith Weighs in on Ray Rice Domestic Violence Case
    Lisa Smith

    Professor Lisa Smith, an expert in criminal law and domestic violence law, has been a major contributor to media dialogue surrounding the NFL’s decision to indefinitely suspend former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice after a video emerged of him assaulting his fiancée.

  • 09.11.14 PBS Interview with Professor Susan Herman Aired Sept. 13
    Susan Herman

    BLS Professor and ACLU President Susan Herman was interviewed by Alexander Heffner on the PBS Series "Open Mind" on Saturday, September 13.

  • 09.05.14 Professor Minor Myers Comments on HP Shareholder Suit in New York Times
    Professor Minor Meyers

    Professor Minor Myers recently spoke to the New York Times about the outcome of a shareholders’ suit against HP.

  • 08.22.14 Professor Marsha Garrison Elected President of the International Society of Family Law

    Professor Marsha Garrison, an expert on law and policy relating to families, children, and reproductive technology, was recently elected President of The International Society of Family Law at the organization’s triennial World Conference. 

  • 08.22.14 BLS Adds Exceptional New Professors to its Clinical Faculty
    New Clinical Faculty

    Brooklyn Law School is proud to introduce its four newest members of the clinical faculty: Jodi Balsam, Director of Civil Externships; Natalie Chin, Director of the new Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) Clinic; Marjorie White, Associate Professor of Clinical Law, who will work with the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP) Clinic and the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE); and Edward De Barbieri ’08, who will also work with CUBE and co-teach the Community Development Clinic and the Corporate/Real Estate Clinic.

  • 08.11.14 Dean Allard Addresses Legal Education Costs at ABA Annual Meeting
    Nick Allard

    This weekend, Dean Nick Allard traveled to Boston for the first public hearing of the Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education, held during the American Bar Association’s annual meeting. 

  • 08.07.14 Professor Karen Porter Appointed to the NYS Task Force on Life and the Law
    Karen Porter

    Professor Karen Porter, Executive Director of the Center for Health, Science, and Public Policy, was recently appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to serve on the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law.

  • 08.01.14 Professor Maryellen Fullerton on NPR to Discuss Edward Snowden’s Future Challenges
    Maryellen Fullerton

    In a radio interview with NPR’s Marketplace, Professor Maryellen Fullerton commented on Edward Snowden’s attempt to continue to live in Russia and the challenges he might face.

  • 07.28.14 Professor Stacy Caplow Appointed to the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on the Judiciary
    picture of a teacher

    Professor Stacy Caplow, Associate Dean for Professional Legal Education, has been appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio to serve on the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on the Judiciary.

  • 07.22.14 Professor Nelson Tebbe Plays Role in Historic Order on LGBT Equality
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    Yesterday, President Obama signed an executive order expanding protections for federal workers and contractors from discrimination based on sexual orientation. The historic order follows recent urgent recommendations by Professor Nelson Tebbe and other legal scholars to resist requests for broad religious exemptions. 

  • 07.11.14 Professor Janet Sinder Honored for Outstanding Contributions to Librarianship
    Janet Sinder

    Professor Janet Sinder, Director of the Library and Associate Professor of Law, has been named the winner of this year’s Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship.

  • 07.08.14 Let Brooklyn Host 2016 Democratic Convention, Dean Allard Writes
    Dean Allard

    In a new op-ed for Roll Call, Dean Nick Allard spells out why Brooklyn should host the 2016 Democratic convention – or any political convention, for that matter.

  • 07.03.14 Professor David Reiss Featured as Leading Commentator in Media
    David Reiss

    Among the most dominant issues in any news cycle are housing policy, real estate finance, and consumer protection. As a leading authority in these and other areas, Professor David Reiss is regularly called upon to share his expertise, appearing in approximately 70 prominent news stories in the past year.

  • 07.02.14 Professor Nelson Tebbe on Hobby Lobby Ruling in New York Daily News Op-Ed
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    In a New York Daily News op-ed, Professor Nelson Tebbe criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which will allow businesses to opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate on the grounds of religious freedom.

  • 06.26.14 Legal Hackers Profiled for Tackling Revenge Porn and Parolee Reentry
    Jonathan Askin

    New York Legal Hackers – largely an offshoot of the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy ("BLIP") Clinic – is the subject of an extensive profile in this week’s Law Technology News.


  • 06.16.14 Prof. Cynthia Godsoe Speaks to New York Times About the ‘Poor People’s Court’
    Cynthia Godsoe

    Professor Cynthia Godsoe was quoted extensively in a New York Times article about family courts, which have become notorious in recent years for long delays, soaring caseloads, and a flat supply of judges.

  • 06.11.14 Three Outstanding BLS Professors Granted Tenure
    Law Notes Spring 2014

    Our faculty is the heart of Brooklyn Law School, helping shape the next generation of lawyers. BLS is proud to announce that three of its outstanding professors have received tenure: Miriam Baer, Robin Effron, and Rebecca Kysar.

  • 06.05.14 Forthcoming Paper on Appraisal Rights by Professor Minor Myers Highlighted in New York Times
    Minor Myers

    The New York Times DealBook blog recently discussed the trend of exercising appraisal rights, which allow shareholders in the midst of an acquisition to request a court’s assessment of share values.

  • 05.30.14 Prof. Bennett Capers Comments on ‘Broken’ Plea-Deal Process in NY Daily News
    Bennett Capers
    Prof. Bennett Capers recently spoke with the New York Daily News about the plea bargain process, which critics say is broken and lands too many innocent people in prison.
  • 05.22.14 Professor Maryellen Fullerton on ‘Failed’ Cuba Embargo in Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed
    Maryellen Fullerton

    Cuba’s revised migration law is further reason to end the “failed” U.S. embargo, according to Professor Maryellen Fullerton in a thought-provoking new op-ed.  

  • 05.13.14 Professor Lisa Smith Discusses New York’s ‘Perfect Crime’ on WNYC
    Professor Lisa Smith recently appeared on WNYC’s “Freakonomics Radio” to comment on “the perfect crime” – that is, driving a car and running over a pedestrian in New York, where convictions for such cases are rare.
  • 05.09.14 Professor Nelson Tebbe on Religious Neutrality in Balkinization Op-Ed
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    In a recent op-ed in Balkinization, Professor Nelson Tebbe, along with Professors Richard Schragger and Micah Schwartzman of the University of Virginia School of Law, discussed the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Town of Greece v. Galloway and its potential repercussions on religious freedom.

  • 05.09.14 Professor Adam Kolber’s Article on ‘Neurolaw Revolution’ Places in Recent Top 10 SSRN Downloads
    photo of a professor
    An article by Professor Adam Kolber recently placed among the top 10 downloads of Criminal Law and Procedure papers on SSRN, the world’s top open-access repository for scholarly research.
  • 04.14.14 Professor Roberta Karmel Comments on New Cybersecurity Disclosures in Compliance Week
    photo of a professor

    Compliance Week featured Professor Roberta Karmel in its coverage of a recent Securities and Exchange Commission roundtable on cybersecurity. The daylong event gathered a cross-section of executives, advisers, and regulators to consider the pros and cons of greater cyber-security disclosure.

  • 04.10.14 Professor David Reiss Sought After By Media for Real Estate/Consumer Finance Law Expertise
    David Reiss
    Professor David Reiss continues to be highly sought-after for his expertise in real estate, real estate finance law, and consumer financial services law.
  • 04.03.14 Professor Joel Gora on McCutcheon v. FEC in New York Daily News Op-Ed
    Joel Gora
    In a New York Daily News op-ed today, Professor Joel Gora asserted that the Supreme Court's ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC will only serve to strengthen democracy and free speech.
  • 03.31.14 Professors Miriam Baer and Bennett Capers Featured in Yale Law Journal Symposium on Justice Sotomayor

    Professors Miriam Baer and Bennett Capers are among the select scholars featured in “The Early Jurisprudence of Justice Sotomayor,” a Yale Law Journal Forum symposium published last week.

  • 03.26.14 Professor Nelson Tebbe on Supreme Court Oral Arguments for Birth Control Mandate
    picture of a teacher

    As a guest blogger for Balkinization, Professor Nelson Tebbe wrote about yesterday’s oral arguments in U.S. Supreme Court for Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.

  • 03.20.14 Professor Joel Gora Speaks on the State of U.S. Democracy in New Video
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora was a guest panelist at the recent 20th Annual Edward Brodsky Legal Conference, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.  Titled “American Democracy in the 21st Century: Voting Rights, Redistricting and Campaign Finance,” the high-profile event drew more than 300 attendees – several BLS alumni among them – for a conversation that touched on Citizens United, gerrymandering, and the Voting Rights Act, among other timely topics.

  • 03.10.14 Professor James Fanto Named Gerald Baylin Professor of Law
    James Fanto

    Brooklyn Law School recently named Professor James Fanto the Gerald Baylin Professor of Law. Established in 2010, the professorship honors a distinguished member of the BLS Class of 1953. Gerald Baylin was a World War II veteran, renowned New York City litigator, and dedicated alumnus.


  • 03.08.14 Professor Susan Herman Comments on Snowden and Surveillance in New Interviews
    Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman, president of the ACLU, was interviewed by Pasadena Weekly and The Santa Barbara Independent in advance of her appearances on the West Coast next week. Her talk, titled “Civil Liberties in National Security Era: What Happened to Edward Snowden?,” will explore the balance between safety and maintaining basic rights – a theme drawn in part from her book, Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy (2011), recently published in paperback. The new edition features a new foreword and new epilogue.

    “As I will explain, it is far from clear that the mega-surveillance programs and other post-9/11 laws are actually contributing to our safety,” she told Pasadena Weekly.  

    Read more about Professor Herman.

  • 03.06.14 Professor Minor Myers Featured in NY Times Article on Shareholder Activism
    Minor Myers
    Professor Minor Myers was featured today in the New York Times for a draft paper that he is co-authoring with Charles Korsmo, a former visiting associate professor at BLS. The article highlights their findings – taken from a work-in-progress titled Appraisal Arbitrage and the Future of Public Company M&A – on the “skyrocketing” number of appraisal rights actions.
  • 03.03.14 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on New Frontiers for 3D-Printed Fashion in Mashable Article
    Jonathan Askin

    If 3D-printed bracelets and rings are already well within consumers' budgets, how far behind are items like high heels and tank tops? A new Mashable article explores just that, drawing on Professor Jonathan Askin’s legal expertise to illustrate 3D printing’s ramifications for fashion.

  • 02.25.14 Professor Adam Kolber Featured in Wall Street Journal Article on Medical Child Abuse
    photo of a professor

    In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Professor Adam Kolber commented on the pending case of a Connecticut couple who lost custody of their teenager over allegations of medical child abuse.

  • 02.20.14 Professor David Reiss Comments on Credit Suisse Case in Bloomberg Article
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss was quoted extensively in today’s Bloomberg article on Credit Suisse, the current target of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in his pursuit of Wall Street banks for mortgage fraud.

  • 02.10.14 Professor William Araiza Elected to American Law Institute
    Bill Araiza

    Professor William Araiza was recently elected to the prestigious American Law Institute (ALI), an independent U.S. organization that produces scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law. He joins several other BLS faculty members who have earned this distinct professional honor, bestowed upon an elite group of lawyers, judges, and law professors worldwide.

  • 01.31.14 Professor Neil Cohen to be Presented with Two Prestigious Awards
    Neil Cohen
    The Council of the American Law Institute (ALI) has voted to present Neil B. Cohen, the Jeffrey D. Forchelli Professor of Law, with the John Minor Wisdom Award.
  • 01.29.14 Professor Cynthia Godsoe on Restitution for Prostituted Minors in HuffPo Op-Ed
    photo of a professor

    In a new Huffington Post op-ed, Prof. Cynthia Godsoe sheds light on victims of sexual exploitation – specifically, the 100,000 children sold for sex in the U.S., many of whom are later prosecuted and jailed.

  • 01.15.14 Professor Joel Gora Writes in Defense of Super PACs on Election Law Blog
    Joel Gora

    Election Law Blog recently featured an excerpt of a new article by Professor Joel Gora defending Super PACs as a First Amendment right.

  • 01.14.14 Professor Jonathan Askin on Narrowing Gap Between U.S./European Education in National Law Journal Op-Ed
    Jonathan Askin

    In an op-ed for the National Law Journal, Professor Jonathan Askin writes that Europe lags behind the United States in two seemingly unrelated categories: experiential legal education; and, fostering and sustaining new entrepreneurial ventures.

  • 01.09.14 Professor David Reiss on Mortgage Bonds in Reuters
    David Reiss

    A prominent expert in real estate and finance law, Professor David Reiss recently spoke to Reuters about the Federal Reserve’s newest promise to maintain low interest rates on investments.