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    12.23.14 Dean Allard in The New York Times on Declining Law School Enrollment
    Nick Allard

    Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard was quoted in the Dec. 17, 2014, New York Times article, “A Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment Accelerates.” The article examined the drop in law school admissions, comparing enrollment statistics to those of four years ago when the U.S. was experiencing a historic recession.

    Law school attendance rates tend to rise during recessions, when college graduates look to a law degree as a “sure ticket to a good job.” Today, with the economy on the rebound, many college graduates view the investment in law school as not worth the cost.  

    Dean Allard takes a more optimistic view, saying the field is poised for growth. “There is a large and exploding unmet demand for lawyers to meet the upcoming challenges in a host of areas like health care, bioengineering, international commerce, government relations, housing, elder care and digital security,” he told the Times.

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