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    12.08.14 Corporate and Real Estate Students Close $1.66 Million Dollars in Loans for Low-income Co-ops in Three Days
    Brooklyn Law School - corporate real estate clinic

    With $1.66 million dollars obtained for three distressed low-income cooperatives in as many days of closings, the corporate and real estate clinic wrapped up an extremely productive semester. 

    Six students, supervised by Professor Debra Bechtel, spent most of the semester drafting documents, negotiating, resolving title issues and preparing their clients for closings that enabled the co-op boards to pay off tax arrears and gain financial stability.  

    There were 135 affordable units in the three Bronx buildings. Two other students conducted a two-hour seminar for 50 co-op board members on Dec. 3. In addition, two students who earlier in the semester helped a Brooklyn co-op to raise $63,000 in an apartment sale, completed memos for another board of directors on complex conversion issues. 

    The ten total students involved were Devon Avallone, Meghan Boland, Kyle Dizeo, Victoria Epstein, Gladys Li, Eleanor Pinto, Hina Qureshi, Ryan Schlotterback, Kacey Sou and Michael Yazdanpanah