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    11.10.14 Justine Luongo ’02 Named Attorney-in-Charge at The Legal Aid Society
    Brooklyn Law School - Justine Luongo '02

    In October, Justine Luongo (Tina) ‘02 was appointed as the Attorney-in-Charge of The Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Practice. In this role, Luongo oversees 1,100 staff members representing more than 230,000 indigent New Yorkers a year; The Legal Aid Society is the oldest and largest nonprofit in the nation serving clients who cannot pay for legal services. “It is a very proud moment for me. It’s a dream come true,” said Luongo in an interview. Her goals include pushing for discovery reform in New York State and utilizing technology to better serve clients.

    Luongo joined The Legal Aid Society following graduation from law school as a staff attorney in the New York County Trial Office of the Criminal Defense Practice. Since then, she has steadily risen up the ranks. In 2007, she was promoted to Supervising Attorney, and in May 2011, she was appointed Deputy Attorney-in-Charge of the Criminal Practice. In that position, she helped to oversee daily operations and was responsible for the practice’s many specialty teams including, the DNA Unit, the Trafficking Victim’s Advocacy Project, and the Adolescent Intervention and Diversion Unit. She also worked with staff to create the innovative Digital Forensic Unit. In July 2014, she became the role of Acting Attorney-in-Charge of the Criminal Practice.

    Luongo is a member of the ABA Criminal Justice Council, a member of the Board of Directors of the newly formed Chief Defender Association of New York, and a Steering Committee member and Chair of the Impact Committee of the National Association for Public Defense.  She previously served as the Chair of the American Bar Association Task Force on Comprehensive Criminal Representation, which analyzed best practices to address the complex, life altering consequences that clients face when they are charged with and convicted of crimes.

    "Tina's vast experience as a trial attorney, manager and advocate for reform will enable her to expertly lead the criminal practice and continue to improve the quality of our practice," said Attorney-in-Chief Seymour W. James Jr. in an email to staff announcing her appointment.

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