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    11.08.14 Statement from Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard on the Nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General

    "Under Loretta Lynch, the Office of United States Attorney for the Eastern District has been known for fulfilling the most important role of a prosecutor—"to do justice"—by fair and equitable treatment of the accused, while actively protecting the communities in its jurisdiction. If Ms. Lynch is confirmed to serve as Attorney General of the United States, Brooklyn will lose a first-class prosecutor of the highest order, and someone who has advanced the educational mission of Brooklyn Law School through the mentoring and training our students receive from her exceptional prosecutors, both in clinics and in the classroom. BLS has long benefited from the many Assistant US Attorneys who teach as adjunct professors. Two of the former U.S. Attorneys from the Eastern District of New York were members of our faculty, Judge Edward Korman and the late Judge David Trager, who also was the Law School Dean.

    "For young people in Brooklyn, across America and throughout the world, Loretta Lynch is and will be an inspiring example of what can be accomplished for a public purpose with a legal education. As a former staff counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I know that the United States Senate was diligent and thorough when it confirmed her twice as U.S. Attorney in recent memory. The Senate should be able to gather and review all the information it needs to uphold its duty, and conclude the confirmation process without unreasonable delay."