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    10.31.14 A Class Gift: The Dean’s Annual Giving Challenge

    One of Dean Allard’s initiatives early on was to involve graduates, no matter how recent, in the business of giving. He created the Dean’s Annual Giving Challenge for members of each graduating class to join together for a fundraising campaign to give back to the Law School community and leave their mark as a class. All contributions go to the Annual Fund, which supports scholarships for students and helps the Law School attract talented faculty, advance its academic programs, and maintain its competitive advantage among the country’s top law schools.

    This year, the Class of 2014 set a new record of 61% participation, far surpassing the participation rates of all previous classes. “Our students’ generosity will continue to make a great impact upon the future students of BLS,” said Dean Allard. “It is an important vote of confidence in the Law School and everyone who participates is a champion!”

    “This campaign’s success is really due to the leadership of a small group of students who led the grassroots effort and encouraged their friends and classmates to participate,” said Andrea Polci, Assistant Director for Alumni Relations, who along with Kamille James, the Annual Fund Director, helped lead the student committee. “The response from students was outstanding. They recognize that even a small contribution can have a real impact, and the numbers speak volumes about their support for BLS.”  Read more in the current issue of LawNotes.