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    10.03.14 Mayor David Dinkins ’56 “Still a Team Player” in Magazine Tribute
    David Dinkins '56

    Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, Brooklyn Law School Class of 1956 is the subject of a recent cover story and special tribute section in a local magazine, The Positive Community. In the wide-ranging feature, Mayor Dinkins recalls his humble beginnings, education, and rise to prominence as New York City’s first African-American mayor.

    Among his many influences, Mayor Dinkins was sure to cite Dean Jerome Prince, the legendary Evidence scholar for whom Brooklyn Law School’s annual Prince Evidence Moot Court Competition is named. As the Mayor recalls, “[Dean Prince] was so good and had the capacity to explain things so that you could understand them . . . . When we took the Bar review courses that everybody takes to prepare you for the Bar, when we got to the section on evidence, we didn’t even go to the lectures because he was that good. And the Bar exam, the questions on the Bar exam on evidence were far easier than what we had gotten in law school.”

    Entering public service immediately after graduating from Brooklyn Law School, the future mayor quickly impressed an ambitious circle of Democratic Party leaders in Harlem. Recalling his ascension through their ranks in the feature story, Mayor Dinkins gives due credit to Ray Jones and Percy Sutton, also a Brooklyn Law School graduate from the Class of 1950, for instilling in him a passion and persistence for the pursuit of elected office. In 1977, he recalled, “Percy ran for mayor; I ran for borough president. Indeed, I ran three times before I finally succeeded. People used to say to me, ‘What do you do?’ and I’d say, ‘I run for borough president.’”

    As he describes in the article, Mayor Dinkins’ four years in office were defined by the energy and expertise of the team around him. Telling stories “sprinkled with names straight out of Who’s Who in New York Politics,” the former mayor highlighted several of his team’s most notable accomplishments, including a deal with Disney that prompted the improvement of Times Square and the contract negotiations that led to the tennis arena where the U.S. Open is held every year. These stories and more make up his recent memoir, A Mayor’s Life: Governing New York’s Gorgeous Mosaic.

    Even today, at 87 years old, Mayor Dinkins remains active in academic and political circles across New York City. As a prominent alumnus, he is a member of the Brooklyn Law School Alumni Association Board of Directors and a regular attendee at Brooklyn Law School events. Most recently, he took part in An Evening with United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the 2014 Alumni Association Luncheon. The Law School is honored to count Mayor Dinkins among its vibrant, diverse, and distinguished community of alumni.

    Read the feature story here.

    Article provided by Jared Brenner '15.