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    09.26.14 Brooklyn Law School’s BLIP Clinic and Prof. Jonathan Askin: Training a New Generation of Lawyers to Represent Tech, Internet, and New Media Companies
    Blip Clinic

    Professor Jonathan Askin’s six-year-old Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP) Clinic is tackling some of the most critical and timely issues in technology — detailed in a recent article in The Brooklyn Paper. In addition to guiding Internet, new media, communications, and other tech entrepreneur clients through litigation, transactional matters, and other issues, participating students strategize with members of the entrepreneurial, technology, and financial communities, as well as policymakers. One of the BLIP Clinic’s recent accomplishments is a source of help for targets of revenge porn: a website that generates cease-and-desist letters that people can direct to websites that have posted explicit photos of them without their permission. The website emerged from a legal hack-athon hosted by BLIP in February and was the product of collaboration between law students and web developers. “We want to bring that coder or hacker ethos to the legal profession,” Professor Askin said. “If lawyers could start collaborating more it would be beneficial for everyone.” In August, BLIP defeated a patent troll. The clinic is increasingly serving a Brooklyn-centric tech clientele, with locations in DUMBO and the MetroTech Center.

    Read the article.

    Professor Askin also commented on the lack of legal recourse for domain hijacking in The Huffington Post Sept. 29. He said that domain theft victims have very little legal recourse because most states don’t recognize domain names as property. “It’s a serious problem,” he explained.

    Read the article.
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