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    08.18.14 Brooklyn Law School’s Entering Class Size Increases for Second Consecutive Year

    On Tuesday, August 19, Brooklyn Law School (“BLS”) held opening exercises for 399 new students, reflecting an increase of 30 students over last year’s entering class. 

    Selected from nearly 3,400 applicants, the admitted class is distributed across the Law School’s flexible program options:

    * 31 in the inaugural accelerated 2- or 2.5-Year J.D. Program

    * 320 in the standard 3-Year J.D. Program

    * 48 in the extended 3.5-, 4-, or 4.5-Year J.D. Program

    * In addition to the 399 new J.D. candidates, BLS also welcomes 17 new LL.M. students from 15 countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Guyana, Italy, and Lithuania

    “This year’s entering class, one of the largest law school classes in the state and the country,  represents astonishing diversity, talent, experience, and dedication to community,” said Dean Nick Allard. “Even amidst the nationwide decline in applications, Brooklyn Law School drew exceptional candidates. And for the second year in a row, our entering class is larger than the one that preceded it. We placed special emphasis on applicants’ accomplishments, academic performance, and character, ensuring a strong student body. Every one of our admitted students has the ability, experience, and motivation necessary to succeed in law school, pass the bar, and be an excellent lawyer.

    “Our admissions approach is to evaluate each individual’s complete profile of strengths. Given BLS graduates’ track record in passing the bar and finding good jobs, our confidence in in the success of the new class is warranted.”

    The incoming J.D. students represent a spectrum of backgrounds and demographics:

    * 31 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and several foreign countries

    * Fluency in 38 languages and dialects other than English, such as Bengali, Mongolian, and Polish – with 57 students speaking at least three languages

    * Birthplaces spanning five (5) continents and 33 countries 

    * An age range of 20 to 49, with an average age of 24

    * A breadth of academic credentials from 171 colleges and universities:

    - 32 master’s degrees in fields such as art administration, sustainability management, and international security

    - Two (2) medical degrees

    - Two (2) PhDs 

    They bring a depth of real-world perspectives and diverse opinion to the classroom as well: Sixty-two (62) percent of students were employed for one or more years before entering law school. Among their ranks are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners; professors and educators from disciplines other than law; actors, screenwriters, and award-winning documentary filmmakers; financial analysts and hedge fund managers; immigration advisors for major law firms; and a former NFL player.

    As is typical of all incoming BLS classes, the new J.D. students exhibit a commitment to public service through an array of impressive leadership roles, including founders/heads of non-profit organizations; New York City police officers; members of the U.S. Armed Forces; Peace Corps volunteers; environmental engineers; United Nations officers; and youth counselors.   

    “The enhanced strength and continuous innovation of our academic program enables students to choose their preferred path in earning a J.D.,” Dean Allard said. “It also creates more opportunities for them to succeed in the new world of law after graduation. And of course, many applicants mentioned the appeal of our upcoming 15 percent tuition reduction, which was one of several new approaches to financial aid and admission. We’re choosing to invest fully in our students.” 

     View the Convocation photos.