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    08.13.14 BLIP Clinic Students Defeat Patent Troll

    Patent trolls are the scourge of the Internet – but they are no match for the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP) Clinic, as one troll recently discovered.

    California-based startup CarShield sought BLS students’ help after being targeted by 911 Notify, a shell company that demanded $250,000 to settle a sham lawsuit for “patent violation.”

    The students stepped in with a court challenge, ultimately forcing the troll to retreat. The victory has since drawn interest from several online media outlets.   

    “Running a patent litigation defense clinic is not easy, but it’s possible, and it’s a worthwhile project,” wrote patent lawyer Eric Adler, who helped advise the students, in a compelling account of the case. “Patent trolls hurt innovation, and law students can help stop them.”