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    06.13.14 BLS Clinic Partner 'Youth Represent' Featured in New York Times
    Youth Represent

    Youth Represent, a community-based organization that works closely with BLS students enrolled in the Youth Reentry and Legal Services Clinic and provides legal services to young people, was recently featured twice in the New York Times.

    Prof. Laurie Parise ’04, executive director of Youth Represent, spoke to the Times about the difficulties faced by New Yorkers who do not have proper ID. Teenagers and young adults can be especially challenged when obtaining a New York State non-driver’s ID card, which requires parent accompaniment and a Social Security card, a pay stub, and a high school report card, among many other documents. “A parent would have to take time off work to go down to the motor vehicle bureau,” said Prof. Parise. “It’s just another obstacle.”

    A letter to the editor by Allison Wilkey, director of Policy and Legal Services at Youth Represent, was also featured in the Times. She wrote in response to a story about the many invisible penalties experienced by those involved in the criminal justice system, especially at a young age.

    Learn more about the Youth Reentry and Legal Services Clinic.