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    04.10.14 Professor David Reiss Sought After By Media for Real Estate/Consumer Finance Law Expertise
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss continues to be highly sought-after for his expertise in real estate, real estate finance law, and consumer financial services law. Among the numerous media outlets to recently feature his commentary:

    ABC News, on the role of interest rates in a prospective homeowner’s decision to buy:

    “When people think about buying houses, they think about the price of the house,” Professor Reiss said. “But what they really should be thinking of are the monthly costs. The average 25-year-old might not think about housing rates until they go to a mortgage broker. Then they discover that 8 percent interest may mean that instead of a $200,000 home they can only afford a $160,000 home.”, on the importance of location, especially in light of the current housing shortage:

    “Perhaps first and foremost, ask whether the house you are considering is the right one for your family,” Professor Reiss said. “If the answer is yes, then you are probably on the right track because a house is first and foremost a home and secondly an investment.”

    And on bills that consumers should pay first:

    “The underwater mortgage may have seemed like a sinkhole when prices were dropping and putting limited funds into it might have seemed like throwing good money after bad,” he said. “When a household's income can't cover all of its expenses, it has to prioritize its payments. If the mortgage is underwater, it may make sense to use those limited funds to protect assets that are integral to daily living and wage earning like an auto or to focus on tools like credit cards that may have some use going forward, if there is still any available credit left.”

    NationSwell, on PRIMARQ, the world’s first residential real-estate equity exchange:

    “You are not the master of your own destiny” by participating in PRIMARQ as a homeowner, he said.

    Read more about Professor Reiss.