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    03.20.14 Professor Joel Gora Speaks on the State of U.S. Democracy in New Video
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora was a guest panelist at the recent 20th Annual Edward Brodsky Legal Conference, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.  Titled “American Democracy in the 21st Century: Voting Rights, Redistricting and Campaign Finance,” the high-profile event drew more than 300 attendees – several BLS alumni among them – for a conversation that touched on Citizens United, gerrymandering, and the Voting Rights Act, among other timely topics. Watch the video (at 43:35).

    A prominent voice in the media, Professor Gora was also recently featured on SCOTUSblog, which published extensive excerpts of his article recounting the early days of ACLU involvement in campaign finance issues. In addition, the Wall Street Journal recently published introductory paragraphs of Professor Gora’s Comments to the IRS, submitted on behalf of several prominent First Amendment advocates. At issue are the IRS’s proposed new rules limiting non-profit organizations, as highlighted by Election Law Blog.  

    Read more about Professor Joel Gora.