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    03.08.14 Professor Susan Herman Comments on Snowden and Surveillance in New Interviews
    Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman, president of the ACLU, was interviewed by Pasadena Weekly and The Santa Barbara Independent in advance of her appearances on the West Coast next week. Her talk, titled “Civil Liberties in National Security Era: What Happened to Edward Snowden?,” will explore the balance between safety and maintaining basic rights – a theme drawn in part from her book, Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy (2011), recently published in paperback. The new edition features a new foreword and new epilogue.

    “As I will explain, it is far from clear that the mega-surveillance programs and other post-9/11 laws are actually contributing to our safety,” she told Pasadena Weekly.  

    Read more about Professor Herman.