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    02.10.14 New Scholarship Honors Judge and Former Dean I. Leo Glasser
    Judge Glasser luncheon

    To honor the life and career of Brooklyn Law School’s fifth dean, Judge I. Leo Glasser, the Board of Trustees has created The Glasser Scholarship. In this inaugural year, The Glasser Scholarship program provided 58 first-year students with an annually renewable scholarship in the amount of $20,000, a significant help for students trying to manage debt while in law school.

    A United States District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York since 1982, Judge Glasser has long maintained that a student’s record of outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements over an entire college education is an excellent and perhaps the best predictor of success in law school. True to that view, the impressive Glasser Scholars who enrolled in 2013 all excelled in college, and were graduates of prestigious undergraduate institutions.

    On Friday, January 31, at the Subotnick Center, a luncheon was held to honor Judge Glasser. Dean Allard welcomed the inaugural scholars along with Judge Glasser, faculty, and Dean of Admissions Henry Haverstick, who developed the program. “There are many pleasures and rewards, many unexpected psychic gifts one receives as a law school dean,” said Dean Allard. “One shining example for me has been getting to meet and begin to know Judge Glasser. I have found him to be a profoundly wise and thoughtful man who is one of those rare birds: a true intellectual and accomplished professional. His beautiful mind is out of this world, while both feet are firmly planted on terra firma in this world.”

    Judge Glasser has strong ties to the BLS community. Several members of his family are Brooklyn Law School graduates, including his wife Grace Glasser, Class of 1953, who served for many years the Law School’s director of career services; his nephew David, Class of 1977; his son James, Class of 1985; his nephew Kenneth, Class of 2003; and his niece Rachel, Class of 2014, who attended the luncheon.

    At the luncheon, the scholars learned more about the judge and his rich life history, and the judge had an opportunity to spend some time getting to know each of the scholars. “It was an incredible experience to meet Judge Glasser and to be honored with a scholarship that is named after such a prestigious man,” said Daniel Schmertz ’16. “I received such inspiration and motivation from hearing stories of his career and his advice for the students. He taught us about the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful in such a noble profession. It is advice that I will cherish and never forget for the rest of my law school years and my entire career as a lawyer.”

    Read Dean Allard's remarks.