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    12.11.12 Professor Arthur Pinto Appointed as Trustee of Law School Admission Council
    picture of a teacher
    Professor Arthur Pinto has recently been appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the non-profit corporation that provides products and services for law schools and their applicants worldwide. As a trustee, Pinto will advise on issues of law school admissions and testing, as well as monitor the management functions of the organization. The LSAC Board of Trustees is composed of deans of admission and law school professors from around the country and meets three-several times throughout the year. Pinto will be serving the three-year balance of a term vacated by Dean Kevin Washburn of the University of New Mexico who recently resigned to join the Obama Administration as Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at the Department of Interior.

    For over a decade, Pinto has served in an advisory role to LSAC’s Finance and Legal Affairs Committee Investment Policy Oversight Group. In that capacity, he regularly met with and counseled LSAC’s investment advisors on issues concerning the organization’s endowment. Pinto will continue to serve for the next year as the trustee representative to LSAC’s Investment Committee, and also serve as the trustee representative to LSAC’s Audit Committee.

    At the Law School, Pinto teaches courses on governance and corporations and, through his trustee service, is looking forward to applying some of these same principles to the governing of a non-profit corporation. Pinto noted that as a trustee he will be interacting with leading academics and admission directors from all over the United States and views this as “a great chance to learn about future trends in legal education to share with the school.”