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    10.04.12 Brooklyn Law School’s Journal of Law & Policy Most Cited by Courts in the Category of Public Policy, Politics and Law
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    Brooklyn Law School’s Journal of Law & Policy is the policy-related law journal most cited by courts in the last eight years, according to a recent ranking conducted by Washington and Lee University School of Law. The 64 judicial cites to the Journal place it well ahead of its nearest competitor, the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy (43 cites), and even further in front of such notable journals as the Fordham Urban Law Journal, the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, the Yale Law & Policy Review, and Law and Contemporary Problems.

    “The ranking is an exciting achievement for the Journal and a testament to the hard work and efforts of the entire editorial board,” said Samantha Glazer ’13, Editor in Chief. Associate Dean Michael Cahill also notes, “The Journal, like the Law School as a whole, is committed to combining serious intellectual inquiry with genuine practical payoff — and that commitment is itself paying off, generating scholarly work with recognized real-world significance for practitioners and judges.”

    The Journal of Law and Policy is a scholarly journal of analysis and commentary designed to promote the debate of legal issues and public policy through the publication of articles written by legal scholars, law students, and distinguished members of the legal and policymaking communities. It is run by an editorial board of 63 students and publishes two issues per year. The Journal invites the submission of unsolicited articles, comments, essays, and reviews.

    The Journal of Law and Policy has an extraordinarily rich tradition of publishing important scholarship that is relevant to current policy debates,” said Professor Christopher Serkin, faculty advisor to the Journal. “The fact that courts refer so frequently to the Journal is a happy but not surprising affirmation of the students’ hard work in running an exceptional journal.”

    The ranking can be viewed by visiting the William and Lee University's Library website.