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    08.15.12 Professor Jonathan Askin on FTC’s Allegations against Facebook
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin recently commented on the Federal Trade Commission’s new allegations that Facebook charged app developers for services it never provided. The FTC report shows that the social networking giant received $95,000 to give apps a “Facebook stamp of approval,” despite never preforming the proper tests.

    Professor Askin argued that these actions hurt not only the developers, but Facebook users. “The more disturbing aspect of Facebook's verification process is not that it misled and extracted money from developers, but that it misled Facebook users into thinking that certain apps had been vetted and found trustworthy without having actually vetted the apps,” he told “If users cannot even trust Facebook's self-asserted, written, privacy policies, users will become increasingly skeptical of whether they can trust Facebook as a social-networking and communications platform.”

    Read the full article.