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    08.09.12 Brooklyn Daily Eagle Profiles BLIP Clinic’s New Program CREATE
    Jonathan Askin

    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle profiled Professor Jonathan Askin and the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy (BLIP) Clinic and their new initiative, Creative Rights Empowerment Achieved Through Education (CREATE), designed to develop curriculum to teach high school students about copyright law, specifically issues surrounding fair use.

    Professor Askin described the lessons BLS law students hopes to teach New York area students. “Copyright doesn’t mean that you can’t use other people’s material,” he said. “Every artist relies on the genius that preceded it. Yet, there’s a fear among teachers and students that if they use anyone else’s material they are somehow violating copyright.”

    He added, “Transformative art, mash-ups, and remixes mean that you should be allowed to use other people’s material but in transformative, novel ways. That’s the lesson we are hoping to instill in the next generation of artists.”

    Read the full article.