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    07.25.12 Professor Roberta Karmel on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital in Op-Ed for CNN
    photo of a professor

    In a recent op-ed for CNN, Professor Roberta Karmel critiqued Mitt Romney’s unclear role as CEO in his final years at Bain Capital. Although the presidential candidate officially resigned as head of the company in 1999, SEC filings reveal that he maintained titles, salary, and stock holdings for three more years.

    Professor Karmel poses several questions regarding Romney’s role and salary at Bain during those three years, arguing that all CEOs must be held legally responsible and accountable for the activities of their companies. “If Romney wants the American public to judge him by his business successes,” she wrote, “we also need to judge him by his business failures and see the entire record of his financial dealings.”

    Read the full article.