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    03.05.12 The University of Virginia Journal of Law & Politics to Publish Campaign Finance Article By Nicholas Bamman ’11
    Nickolas Bamman

    Nicholas Bamman’s article, “Campaign Finance: Public Funding After Bennett” was accepted for publication in the University of Virginia’s Journal of Law & Politics (forthcoming 2012). His article was developed from a final brief written for a First Amendment seminar he took with Professor Joel Gora. “I was inspired by the issues raised in the class to turn my final project into an article that explored these issues on a deeper level,” said Bamman.

    In the piece, he examines the state of campaign finance after Citizens United and Bennett. “I argued that as the Supreme Court chips away at constitutional campaign finance provisions, states must be careful to adapt their campaign finance laws so they do not do more harm than good,” said Bamman. “Specifically, states should either adopt public funding laws or disclosure only laws. There really is no room for contribution limits absent provisions to mitigate their deleterious impact.”

    His mentor, Professor Gora, was very impressed with his work and his determination. “Nick’s article on campaign finance reform is a remarkable accomplishment,” he said. “While finishing his classes, taking exams, and studying for the Bar, he produced an extremely articulate and very thoughtful article. Then, with the support of Professor Jason Mazzone he submitted the draft for consideration, and, almost overnight, received the offer to publish it in the prestigious Journal of Law and Politics. His story is a powerful lesson of how a student’s abilities and determination, with a little assist from supportive faculty, can result in a truly outstanding law review article that any lawyer would be proud to call their own.”

    Bamman is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he earned a dual degree in Political Science and International Studies, with a minor in Spanish. After college, he traveled for two years, exploring the world. He graduated cum laude from the Law School, where he was an Articles Editor at the Journal of Law & Policy. He is currently clerking for Judge Joseph Irenas of the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and hopes to work as a civil litigator after his clerkship is completed.