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    02.07.12 Barron's Features Centennial Professor of Law Roberta Karmel on Economic Reform
    photo of a professor

    In a recent interview with Barron's, Professor Roberta Karmel addresses problems with the Dodd-Frank Act and the more drastic reforms that are needed to protect the financial industry from self-destruction. Suggesting that Dodd-Frank only patched holes in the system, she argues that stronger reform would involve breaking up the big banks in order to more simply and rigorously regulate them. “Each of the major banking groups would be split into a so-called narrow bank, consisting of an institution that could accept deposits and make loans,” she says, describing an ideal new system. “Then, under SEC supervision, each narrow bank would have time to spin off the risky businesses that potentially threaten its deposit insurance.”

    Read the full article.

    Professor Karmel also wrote about this topic in the Hastings Law Journal.