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    02.06.12 Professor Jonathan Askin and BLIP Clinic Profiled in Forbes
    Jonathan Askin

    The Brooklyn Legal Incubator & Policy (BLIP) Clinic and its founder, Professor Jonathan Askin, were profiled by Forbes about the important relationship between young lawyers and the Internet start-up community. Forbes spoke to Jigar Mehta--creator of the collaborative media project “18 Days in Egypt” covering Egypt's 2011 revolution--about his experience as a BLIP client. “It’s so much work and so precise the legalize that just having them (BLIP) there to help with that process made such a difference,” said Mehta.

    The BLIP Clinic consists of Brooklyn Law students functioning as a law firm that represents emerging tech and new media companies, such as Mehta's. The students also provide a fresher legal perspective to entrepreneurs. “Lawyers may know how to litigate for old line companies but they don’t know how to represent tech start-ups,” Professor Askin told Forbes. “Without creative legal work kids working on start-ups would die on the vine.”

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