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    01.24.12 Professor Brad Borden Comments on Romney’s Tax Returns and Tax Disparity in America
    Bradley Borden

    In today's Los Angeles Times and Daily Mail, Professor Brad Borden commented on the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor, which he argued is due to an uneven tax code, exemplified by GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Romney, a multimillionaire, pays an estimated 15% of his income in taxes, compared to an average of 35% paid by middle class Americans.

    Professor Borden explained, "The wealthy are able to take advantage of tax breaks in ways that are not available to the rest of the population. They get wealthier and shift a larger burden of taxation onto the rest of the population, making it more difficult for those outside of the upper echelon to save and get ahead."

    Read the full articles in Los Angeles Times and the Daily Mail.