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  • 12.15.11 Professor James Fanto on the Cost of Financial Industry Self-Regulation
    James Fanto

    A recent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) concluded that self-regulatory organizations that examine investment advisors may actually cost twice as much as enhanced examination programs performed through the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC).

  • 12.06.11 Professor David Reiss Comments on the Rise of Credit Card Usage in Forbes
    David Reiss

    Although major banks are pleased with the renewed trend of credit card usage over debit cards, the Consumer Finance Protection Board (CFPB) seeks to educate consumers on the potential dangers of high credit card balances.

  • 12.05.11 Professor Steven Dean on Tax Deregulation
    Steven Dean

    The focus of Professor Steven Dean’s most recent article, “Tax Deregulation,” in the NYU Law Review, sounds pretty straightforward.

  • 12.05.11 Professor Lisa Smith Comments on Child Sex Abuse Scandals in Philadelphia Inquirer
    lisa smith

    In light of recent child sex abuse scandals about the former coaches at Pennsylvania State University and Syracuse University, Professor Lisa Smith, an expert in domestic violence and sex crimes, spoke to the Philadelphia Inquirer about the importance of reporting abuse.

  • 11.30.11 Professor Neil Cohen Leads Group to Prepare Uniform Commercial Code Report
    Neil Cohen

    On November 14, the Permanent Editorial Board for the Uniform Commercial Code (PEB) issued its report, “Application of the Uniform Commercial Code to Selected Issues Relating to Mortgage Notes.”

  • 11.21.11 William Hellerstein Honored by The Legal Aid Society
    William Hellerstein

    Professor Emeritus William Hellerstein, who retired in the fall of 2010 after 25 years of service to the Law School, was honored by the Legal Aid Society at its 40th anniversary Prisoner’s Rights Project reception held on November 15th at offices of Davis Polk and Wardwell.

  • 11.18.11 Professor Robin Effron on Wal-Mart v. Dukes in Westlaw Journal Expert Commentary Series
    Robin Effron

    In a recent Westlaw Journal Expert Commentary Series, Professor Robin Effron discussed the impact of Wal-Mart v. Dukes on commonality in class action cases.

  • 11.16.11 Professor David Reiss Comments on High Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Executive Salaries in the International Business Times
    David Reiss

    One day after Congress suspended the compensation packages of top executives at companies that received federal bailout funds, representatives from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac defended their high salaries.

  • 11.15.11 Professor Rebecca Kysar’s Scholarship is Referenced in The Atlantic
    rebecca kysar

    A recent op-ed in The Atlantic explores how the propsal to sunset all federal regulations by Republican presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry would actually affect legislation.

  • 11.14.11 Professor David Reiss Comments on the Influence of Wall Street on Municipal Bankruptcies
    David Reiss

    In a recent article, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution explored the differences between Wall Street-engineered upgrades to water and sewer systems in Atlanta and Birmingham.

  • 11.14.11 Professor Jason Mazzone Discusses New Book Copyfraud on TorrentFreak Blog
    Jason Mazzone

    In an article for the popular tech blog, TorrentFreak, Professor Jason Mazzone discussed his new book Copyfraud, which explores the abuses of intellectual property law by copyright owners claiming more rights than they are legally given.

  • 11.01.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Compares Occupy Wall Street Movement to Digital Startups
    Jonathan Askin

    In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Professor Jonathan Askin defends the fluid and catch-all message of the Occupy Wall Street movement, comparing it to the modern format of digital startups.

  • 10.24.11 The Lawyers Weekly Discusses Professor Lawrence Solan's Article on Insurance Policy Interpretation
    Larry Solan

    In a recent issue, Canadian legal magazine The Lawyers Weekly compared insurance policy interpretation practices in Canada versus the United States.

  • 10.20.11 Professor Roberta Karmel Discusses the SEC and Proxy Access in New York Law Journal Op-Ed
    photo of a professor

    In an op-ed for the New York Law Journal, Professor Roberta Karmel urges the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to allow corporations to handle all proxy access.

  • 10.14.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on "Occupy Wall Street" and the "What If?" Generation in Huffington Post Op-Ed
    Jonathan Askin

    In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Professor Jonathan Askin discusses how the "Occupy Wall Street" protests spreading across the nation is an accurate reflection of the digital age.

  • 10.13.11 Professor Effron to Present Paper on Procedural Reform at AALS Annual Meeting
    Robin Effron

    Professor Robin Effron’s forthcoming paper, The Shadow Rules of Joinder, was chosen to be presented at the AALS Civil Procedure Section Panel to be held in Washington D.C. in January, 2012.

  • 10.12.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on "Occupy Wall Street" Protests in the Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    In a recent article, the Christian Science Monitor examines how social media became a driving force for the growth and spread of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations.

  • 10.10.11 Professor Mazzone Publishes New Book, Copyfraud, Addresses Overly Broad Claims to Intellectual Property Rights
    Graphic of Program Music and Copyright A Panel Discussion Featuring George Clinton

    “Intellectual property law in the United States does not work well and it needs to be reformed,” Professor Jason Mazzone argues in his new book, Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law, published by Stanford University Press.

  • 10.05.11 Brooklyn Law School Faculty Address Civil Liberty Violations Ten Years after 9/11
    image of flyer

    On September 15th, faculty, students, and members of the New York City legal community gathered to discuss the War on Terror’s effect on civil liberties and the erosion of American democracy at a panel discussion entitled “Ten Years of 9/11.”

  • 10.04.11 Professor Adam Kolber Defends Memory-Dampening Drugs in USA Today
    photo of a professor

    USA Today explores the ongoing debate over memory-dampening drugs, which proponents argue will help millions of people with post-traumatic stress disorders, including veterans and assault victims.

  • 10.04.11 Professor Derek Bambauer on Soft and Hard Censorship
    professor baumbauer

    On Technology Liberation Front's weekly podcast, Professor Derek Bambauer discussed his article Orwell's Armchair, forthcoming in the University of Chicago Law Review.

  • 09.29.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on AT&T/T-Mobile Merger
    Jonathan Askin

    With the forthcoming merger of telecom giants AT&T and T-Mobile, Dish Network Corp. has been pressing the Federal Communications Commission to investigate whether the buyout would create threats to competition.

  • 09.29.11 Professor Susan Herman Interviewed on NY1 About Her New Book
    Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman was interviewed by NY1 to discuss her new book, Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy.

  • 09.27.11 Professor David Reiss Discusses Disputes Between Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Wall Street in the National Law Journal
    David Reiss

    The ongoing battle of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac against Wall Street banks continues as the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) files 18 lawsuits against financial institutions that sold $200 billion worth of securities to the two mortgage giants.

  • 09.20.11 Professor Derek Bambauer Discusses "Good" Computer Hacking in CQ Researcher
    professor baumbauer

    In a recent report, CQ Researcher explored how businesses and government security officials are beginning to hire "good" hackers, who may be able to counter attacks by cybercriminals.

  • 09.20.11 Professor Adam Kolber on Italian Earthquake Manslaughter Trial on LiveScience
    photo of a professor

    American geologists are closely watching the trial of six Italian scientists and one government official who have been charged with manslaughter for not warning the public enough about an impending earthquake in 2009 that killed over 300 people.

  • 09.18.11 Professor David Reiss Comments on CFPB in Crain's New York
    David Reiss

    As the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) comes into effect, small business owners grow worried about how the new agency will influence business.

  • 09.15.11 Professor Joel Gora Presents at Cato Institute's Constitution Day
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora spoke at a panel for the Cato Institute's annual Constitution Day Symposium entitled, "Elections, Video Games, Scholarships: Another Big Year for the First Amendment."

  • 09.15.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on Google's "Patent Arsenal"
    Jonathan Askin

    Google continues to develop its "patent arsenal," acquiring over a thousand patents to maintain a competitive edge against other tech companies.

  • 09.14.11 Ten Years Later, 9/11 Op-Ed by Professor Roberta Karmel in the New York Law Journal Still Rings True
    photo of a professor

    In 2001, one month after the 9/11 attacks, Professor Roberta Karmel commented on how the tragedy would affect Wall Street in an op-ed for the New York Law Journal.

  • 09.09.11 Professor Susan Herman Argues the "War on Terror" Erodes Democracy in Her New Book, Taking Liberties
    Susan Herman

    In Taking Liberties, Professor Susan Herman argues that the government’s post-9/11 antiterrorist tactics, including provisions of the USA Patriot Act, have victimized innocent Americans and have the potential to harm many more.

  • 09.09.11 Professor David Reiss Discusses the History of Finance in a Westlaw Journal Op-Ed
    David Reiss

    In an op-ed for the Westlaw Journal Expert Commentary Series, Professor David Reiss discusses the recent history of American finance, which he argues many politicians and Wall Street figures forget when negotiating policies.

  • 09.06.11 Professor David Reiss Quoted on GSEs in The New American
    David Reiss

    In a recent article on the federal government's plan to help struggling homeowners, The New American discusses the problems with government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) that privatize profits and socialize losses.

  • 07.15.11 Professor Lawrence Solan Cited by Courts
    Larry Solan

    The Don Forchelli Professor of Law Lawrence Solan’s scholarship and research has been cited by three courts.

  • 07.14.11 Professor David Reiss Speaks to Business News Network on Ratings Agencies
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss was a recent guest on Headline, on Canada's Business News Network.

  • 07.13.11 Professor Bradley Borden on Rising Unemployment in the Huffington Post
    Bradley Borden

    In a recent article for the Huffington Post, Professor Bradley Borden explores the correlation between small government and rising unemployment.

  • 07.08.11 Professor Joel Gora on Citizens United at Center for Competitive Politics
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora, an academic advisor at the Center for Competitive Politics, discussed the controversial Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which allowed corporations to financially support political candidates.

  • 07.07.11 Professor Bradley Borden Discusses Jon Huntsman in Huffington Post Op-Ed
    Bradley Borden

    In his regular column for the Huffington Post, Professor Bradley Borden discusses Jon Huntsman, a possible Republican presidential candidate who is a practicing Mormon.

  • 07.06.11 Professor Susan Herman Interviewed by Thought Economics Blog
    Susan Herman

    Thought Economics, a blog that publishes one on one interviews with the some of the most influential people around the world, spoke with Professor Susan Herman in a post on the leading experts on justice.

  • 07.01.11 Professor Derek Bambauer Profiled in The West Virginia Record
    Derek Bambauer

    The West Virginia Record recently profiled Professor Derek Bambauer, who once used the contract dispute of Rich Rodriguez as a teaching example for a Contracts course.

  • 07.01.11 Professor Gerald Shargel on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case in The Daily Beast
    Gerald Shargel

    In an op-ed for The Daily Beast, Professor Gerald Shargel outlines the events surrounding the sex-crime allegedly committed by director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

  • 07.01.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses President Obama's Re-Election Campaign on ABC News
    Jonathan Askin

    In ABC News' coverage of President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, several experts are evaluating his progress to date compared to this point in 2007.

  • 06.30.11 The National Law Journal Features Op-Ed on Class Actions by Professor Robin Effron
    Robin Effron

    In a recent op-ed for The National Law Journal, Professor Robin Effron discussed the implications of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. v. Dukes, a class action suit involving 1.5 million female Wal-Mart employees who claimed salary discrimination.

  • 06.28.11 Professor Derek Bambauer Discusses International Internet Censorship
    Derek Bambauer

    In light of the social media-supported revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, experts, including executives at Google, are anticipating a rise in online censorship around the world.

  • 06.24.11 Professor Gerald Shargel on Tort Reform Documentary in Daily Beast Op-Ed
    Gerald Shargel

    In an op-ed for The Daily Beast, Professor Gerald Shargel reviews the new documentary Hot Coffee, about those who seek to reform tort policy.

  • 06.23.11 Professor Claire Kelly Publishes New Article on the Financial Crisis
    Claire Kelly

    Professor Claire Kelly’s new article, Financial Crisis and Civil Society (11 CHI. J. INT'L. L. 505 (2011)) is one of several in a series of articles that she has written about international organizations and financial and commercial law.

  • 06.20.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses Impact of President Obama's Twitter in the Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    As Republican presidential hopefuls take more and more advantage of social media, President Obama's Twitter account has been posting messages signed "-BO" that are personally written by the president, as opposed to staffers.

  • 06.16.11 Professor Roberta Karmel Discusses Investment Adviser SRO in the New York Law Journal
    Roberta Karmel

    In her New York Law Journal column "Securities Regulation," Professor Roberta Karmel discusses whether investment advisers might find incentives in forming an self-regulatory organizations (SRO).

  • 06.13.11 Professor Bradley Borden Discusses Raising Taxes on the Very Wealthy in the Huffington Post
    Bradley Borden

    In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Professor Bradley Borden explores the disconnect between arguments in Congress over taxes and the many offers of millionaires willing to pay higher taxes.

  • 06.09.11 Professor Jonathan Askin's Huffington Post Op-Ed Discusses the Possible Effects of Too Much Media v. Hale
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin's recent op-ed in the Huffington Post explored the possible aftermath of Too Much Media v. Hale.

  • 06.08.11 Professor James Fanto on "Pre-Marketing" on Bloomberg
    James Fanto

    Professor James Fanto commented to Bloomberg on the recent "pre-marketing" of Sino-Forest Corp. by Muddy Waters Research to various hedge funds.

  • 06.01.11 Professor Lisa Smith Defines Cyberstalking on Internet Evolution
    Lisa Smith

    Professor Lisa Smith's definition of stalking was referenced in an Internet Evolution article that explored potential remedies for cyberstalking.

  • 05.31.11 Professor Bill Araiza on the Legality of Hipster Discrimination
    Professor Bill Araiza

    The Brooklyn Paper took a humorous look at several examples of apparent "hipster discrimination" that have occurred this year.

  • 05.27.11 Media Post Recommends Professor Jane Yakowitz's "The Tragedy of the Data Commons"
    Jane Yakowitz

    Media Post blog "Behavioral Insider" praised Professor Jane Yakowitz's forthcoming article, "The Tragedy of the Data Commons."

  • 05.27.11 Professor Gerald Shargel Discusses Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the New York Times' Room for Debate
    Gerald Shargel

    Professor Gerald Shargel contributed to the New York Times' Room for Debate discussion on how international publicity will affect the trial of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former director of the International Monetary Fund who is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel worker.

  • 05.26.11 Professor Stacy Caplow Calls for New Lawyers to Assist Poor Immigrants in National Law Journal Op-ed
    Stacy Caplow

    In "What about an Immig-Corps?", an op-ed published in the National Law Journal, Professor Stacy Caplow discusses the dearth of lawyers for immigrants facing deportation.

  • 05.23.11 Professor Jane Yakowitz Discusses Theory of "Data Commons" in The Boston Globe
    Jane Yakowitz

    Professor Jane Yakowitz discussed the concept of "data commons"—which she explores in her forthcoming Harvard Journal of Law & Technology article "Tragedy of Data Commons"—with the Boston Globe in a recent profile.

  • 05.19.11 Professor Derek Bambauer's "Conundrum" Praised on Jotwell
    Derek Bambauer

    Professor Derek Bambauer's article "Conundrum" was identified on Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) as one of the best works of recent scholarship in Cyberlaw.

  • 05.19.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses the FCC's Revolving Door Policy
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin spoke with about the most recent example of the FCC's apparent revolving door.

  • 05.18.11 Professor Lawrence Solan Publishes New Book: The Language of Statutes
    Larry Solan

    Brooklyn Law School is pleased to announce the recent publication of Professor Lawrence Solan’s book, The Language of Statutes.

    The Language of Statutes: Laws and their Interpretation (University of Chicago Press) joins learning from law, linguistics, and cognitive science to illuminate the fundamental issues and problems in this highly contested area. In the book, Solan argues that statutory interpretation is alive, well, and not in need of the major overhaul that many have suggested. Rather, he suggests, the majority of people understand their rights and obligations most of the time. The difficulty, Solan explains, arises in cases where there is a gap between, on the one hand, our limited ability to write crisp yet flexible laws, and on the other, the ways in which our cognitive and linguistic faculties are structured.

  • 05.16.11 Professor Joel Gora Testifies Against Obama's Executive Order
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora, a former ACLU attorney, contributed written testimony opposing President Obama's draft executive order concerning political spending disclosures by federal contractors.

  • 05.13.11 Professor Roberta Karmel Discusses Alleged SEC/Wall Street "Revolving Door"
    Roberta Karmel

    Professor Roberta Karmel spoke with CNBC about the allegation that the Securities and Exchange Commission and Wall Street firms have a mutually beneficial revolving door.

  • 05.02.11 Professor James Fanto Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Exchange-Traded Funds
    James Fanto

    Professor James Fanto commented on complex and leveraged exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

  • 04.25.11 Legal Writing Professors Publish Books Essential to Their Field
    Elizabeth Fajans and Mary Falk

    Dedicated to the profession of legal writing, Professors Elizabeth Fajans and Mary Falk have been writing and teaching both separately and in collaboration for over 25 years.

  • 04.21.11 Professor David Reiss on the Relationship Between Banks and Credit Rating Agencies
    David Reiss

    Although economic reforms have criticized credit rating agencies for inaccurately grading financial products, many big banks are pushing to end federally backed systems that protect investors from these sometimes misleading credit ratings.

  • 04.20.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses Social Media and the 2012 Election with The Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    In the four years since President Obama used email campaigns and Facebook to reach young voters and win the 2008 presidential election, politicians from the entire political spectrum have caught up by using numerous forms of social media to connect to their constituents.

  • 04.18.11 Professor Bradley Borden Discusses Taxes and the Middle Class in Huffington Post Op-Ed
    Bradley Borden

    In "Budget Deals, Service Cuts, Tax Returns, and Pure Frustration," an op-ed for The Huffington Post, Professor Bradley Borden discusses the frustrations many middle class families feel toward the discrepancies in the taxes paid by people in different income brackets.

  • 04.18.11 Policy Analysis by Professor David Reiss Published by the Cato Institute
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss' policy analysis, "Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Future of Federal Housing Finance Policy: A Study of Regulatory Privilege," was published by the Cato Institute.

  • 04.18.11 Professor Elizabeth Schneider Cited by the Supreme Court of Tennessee
    Elizabeth Schneider

    Professor Elizabeth Schneider's article, “The Changing Shape of Federal Civil Pretrial Practice: The Disparate Impact on Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Cases,” was cited by Justice Cornelia A. Clark of the Tennessee Supreme Court in her dissenting opinion in Gossett v. Tractor Supply Co.

  • 04.13.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Speaks at the Free Press National Conference for Media Reform
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin was one of several expert panelists at the Free Press National Conference for Media Reform, which debated how much influence the telecom industry now has over the Federal Communications Commission.

  • 04.12.11 Professor Fanto Discusses Facebook Lawsuit in LA Times
    James Fanto

    Professor James Fanto discussed the most recent chapter of Facebook's many lawsuits with the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.

  • 04.05.11 Professor David Reiss on Freddie Mac’s Warning to Mortgage Lenders in Bloomberg
    David Reiss

    In Bloomberg, Professor David Reiss discussed a warning recently made by government-owned Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae concerning the lending industry.

  • 04.04.11 Professor Cynthia Godsoe Discusses J.D.B. v. North Carolina in Op-Ed for The National Law Journal
    Cynthia Godsoe

    Professor Cynthia Godsoe argues in an op-ed for The National Law Journal that the Supreme Court should rule that when children are interrogated by police they are entitled to Miranda warnings.

  • 03.28.11 Professor Jane Yakowitz Referenced in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
    Jane Yakowitz

    In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, L. Gordon Crovitz discusses the disparity between the government’s efforts to protect online data privacy and the public’s low levels of concern for it.

  • 03.27.11 Professor Roberta Karmel on Goldman Sachs Special Situations Group in Bloomberg Businessweek
    Roberta Karmel

    In a recent article, Bloomberg Businessweek explores Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations Group (SSG), its proprietary trading sector that invests in troubled companies and makes loans to high-risk borrowers.

  • 03.24.11 Professor Susan Herman to Speak at University of Nebraska College of Law on National Security
    Susan Herman

    American Civil Liberties Union President and Brooklyn Law School Professor Susan Herman will speak on national securities issues and Guantanamo at the University of Nebraska, College of Law.

  • 03.22.11 “Tragedy of the Data Commons” by Professor Jane Yakowitz Referenced by Technology Liberation Front
    Jane Yakowitz

    Technology Liberation Front praised Professor Jane Yakowitz’s recent paper, “Tragedy of the Data Commons,” for exploring the idea that increased data privacy regulation might easily decrease the amount of important information the public can access.

  • 03.22.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger in the Huffington Post
    Jonathan Askin

    While many argue that the merger of cell phone giants AT&T and T-Mobile will give consumers even fewer choices and less bargaining power, some experts believe the move may give regulators the chance to finally create stricter policies in the telecom industry.

  • 03.18.11 Professor Bradley Borden Discusses Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Huffington Post Op-Ed
    Bradley Borden

    In an op-ed for The Huffington Post, Professor Bradley Borden criticizes Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin for not only taking jobs and benefits away from state employees, but also ultimately ignoring the ongoing problems of those in the private sector.

  • 03.17.11 Professor Susan Herman Speaks with New Hampshire Public Radio about Guantanamo Bay Trials
    Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman was the featured guest on New Hampshire Public Radio's show "The Exchange."

  • 03.06.11 Brooklyn Law School Mourns the Loss of Professor Brian Comerford
    Brian Comerford

    The Brooklyn Law School community mourns the loss of a beloved colleague, teacher and friend, Professor Emeritus Brian Comerford.  Over the course of nearly four decades of service on the Law School faculty, teaching and writing in the areas of Taxation and Estate Planning, he touched the lives of thousands of students. He served as Counsel to the New York State Estates, Powers & Trusts Law Advisory Committee. Although his presence will be missed, it will always be felt by the colleagues and students who knew and cherished him.  We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife, Carol, their children, Sean ‘12 and Kathleen, and his entire family.

  • 02.28.11 Professor James Fanto on Rise of FINRA Disciplinary Cases
    James Fanto

    From 2009 to 2010, disciplinary cases filed by FINRA have increased by 13%. Professor James Fanto spoke to The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch on dramatic jump.

  • 02.24.11 Professor James Fanto Discusses Fiduciary Duty for Brokers on AdvisorOne
    James Fanto

    Professor James Fanto was featured in a webcast on AdvisorOne to discuss the SEC's "Study on Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers."

  • 02.24.11 Professor James Fanto Discusses Reopened Facebook Case in LA Times
    James Fanto

    Three years after winning $160 million, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are seeking to overturn their settlement from Facebook, alleging the company lied about its true value.

  • 02.23.11 Professor Bradley Borden on Tax Cuts and the Middle Class in The Huffington Post
    Bradley Borden

    In a front page story for The Huffington Post politics section, Professor Bradley Borden explores how the primarily middle-class Tea Party may be fighting on an economic platform that is ultimately self-destructive.

  • 02.18.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on Apple’s Possible Antitrust Violations in The Huffington Post
    Jonathan Askin

    The U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are beginning to look into the details surrounding Apple’s new app subscription plan, which may violate antitrust laws. Professor Jonathan Askin spoke to The Huffington Post on the examination, which has not yet become a formal investigation.

  • 02.11.11 Professor James Fanto Discusses the SEC's "Study on Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers"
    James Fanto

    Professor James Fanto was interviewed yesterday by Reuters, Wealth Manager Channel, Advisor One, Insurance Networking News and other outlets about the SEC’s “Study on Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers,” (The Fidciary Study) and the SEC’s "Study on Enhancing Investment Adviser Examinations” (the SRO Study).

  • 02.10.11 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Op-Ed by Professor David Reiss Featured on AOL News
    David Reiss

    In an op-ed for AOL News, Professor David Reiss discusses the future of the failing mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • 02.09.11 Professor Ursula Bentele on Cop-Killer Retrial
    Ursula Bentele

    The U.S. Attorney's Office in Brooklyn is seeking to re-try the case of Ronell Wilson, who was convicted of murdering two police officers in Staten Island in 2003.

  • 02.09.11 Professor Jason Mazzone Comments on MPAA Copyright Infringement Suit
    Jason Mazzone

    The Motion Picture Association of America is following the steps of recording companies by suing Hotfile, a digital film storage website, for copyright infringement.

  • 02.08.11 Professor Aaron Tweski Discusses Toyota's Innocence in Forbes
    Professor Aaron Twerski

    With NASA and the U.S. Department of Transportation's revelation that Toyota vehicles did not have electrical flaws causing more car accidents, Professor Aaron Twerski says that plaintiff lawyers will have a much more difficult time suing the company.

  • 02.03.11 Professor Adam Kolber Referenced in Article on Prisoners' Rights
    Adam Kolber

    In his article, Christopher Beam explores the varied ways that prisoners experience punishment and incarceration.

  • 02.02.11 Professor Jonathan Askin and BLIP Profiled in The Huffington Post
    Jonathan Askin

    In a recent profile, the Huffington Post spoke with Professor Jonathan Askin about the extensive work done by the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy (BLIP) Clinic in the tech world.

  • 01.29.11 Professor Gerald Shargel on Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner in The Daily Beast
    Gerald Shargel

    In his most recent column for The Daily Beast blog, Professor Gerald Shargel explores the strength of Arizona shooter Jared Loughner's expected insanity plea.

  • 01.28.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses UK Arrests of Anonymous Group Members
    Jonathan Askin

    The group Anonymous released an open letter to the British government, condemning the arrests of five of its members and the United Kingdom's involvement with taking down Wikileaks.

  • 01.27.11 Professor Rebecca Kysar Cited on C-SPAN
    Rebecca Kysar

    An article by Professor Rebecca Kysar was mentioned by Harvard Professor Larry Lessig whose presentation was aired on C-SPAN. The discussion on ethics and politics cited "The Sun Also Rises: the Political Economy of Sunset Provisions in the Tax Code," which was published by the Georgia Law Review in 2006.

  • 01.25.11 Professor Derek Bambauer Partcipates in Wikileaks Discussion Panel
    Derek Bambauer

    Professor Derek Bambauer participated in a discussion at the Center for Jewish History called "WikiLeaks and the Archives and Records Profession."

  • 01.24.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on the End of Internet Innovation
    Jonathan Askin

    As billions of applications have been downloaded onto cell phones around the world, Professor Jonathan Askin warns MacNewsWorld that it may be signaling the end of Internet innovation.

  • 01.22.11 Professor Roberta Karmel Receives 2011 Sandra Day O'Connor Board of Excellence Award
    Roberta Karmel

    Professor Roberta Karmel was one of three recipients of Direct Women's 2011 Sandra Day O'Connor Board of Excellence Award.

  • 01.22.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses .Jobs Online Network with The Huffington Post
    Jonathan Askin

    The new online job network that uses the suffix ".jobs" is creating controversy among more established job recruiting sites.

  • 01.21.11 BLS President Joan G. Wexler Keynote Speaker at Central Synagogue’s Jethro Shabbat
    Joan Wexler

    Brooklyn Law School President Joan G. Wexler delivered the 2011 Jethro Shabbat address at Central Synagogue on Friday evening, January 21st.

  • 01.21.11 Professor Joel Gora's Op-Ed on Citizens United Case Anniversary in The Wall Street Journal
    Joel Gora

    Professor Joel Gora's op-ed, featured in the Wall Street Journal, explores the impact of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission one year later.

  • 01.19.11 Professor Jonathan Askin Argues Against Comcast/NBC Universal Merger
    Jonathan Askin

    With the upcoming Comcast and NBC Universal merger, many critics are arguing that the media giant will overshadow all competition whether or not the government places corporate restrictions.

  • 01.19.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on Comcast-NBC Universal Merger in the Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    In the Christian Science Monitor, Professor Jonathan Askin discusses the purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast, America's largest cable provider.

  • 01.05.11 Professor Elizabeth Fajans Wins AALS Section Award
    image of flyer

    Elizabeth Fajans, Associate Professor of Legal Writing, has been selected as the winner of the 2011 Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning & Research Section Award. The award is given to an individual who has made a significant lifetime contribution to the field of legal writing and research.

  • 01.04.11 Professor Lisa Smith Quoted in Christian Science Monitor on Drop in Los Angeles Homicides
    Lisa Smith

    In light of a Los Angeles report that in 2010 the city had its lowest homicide rate in 40 years, the Christian Science Monitor explored how several major cities in the United States are announcing a significant progress against crime across the board.