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    10.13.11 Professor Effron to Present Paper on Procedural Reform at AALS Annual Meeting
    Robin Effron

    Professor Robin Effron’s forthcoming paper, The Shadow Rules of Joinder, was chosen to be presented at the AALS Civil Procedure Section Panel to be held in Washington D.C. in January, 2012.

    The topic of the panel will be "Procedural Reform: Rulemaking v. Legislation." Participants will address the nuances associated with procedural reform, from the bedrock principles enforced by the Supreme Court, to the Congressional debates over amendments that seem to expand a corpus of rules, and the effects of the legislative branch that seeks to undo some reforms while initiating still others.

    “The debate about whether procedural reform is more properly the province of rulemakers or lawmakers is not new,” Professor Robin Effron said. “However, it is relevantly urgent in light of the changes being presented by the judicial and legislative branches. In my article, I argue that doctrinal confusion can be attributed to deeper theoretical divisions in the judiciary. I look forward to participating on the panel and am honored to have been chosen to present my paper.”

    “We chose this paper because of the high quality of her work,” said Thom Main, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Civil Procedure Section of the AALS. “Her expertise and perspective will enrich the panel’s discussion. Reading her work was a pleasure and I congratulate her on this accomplishment.”