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    08.17.11 Profesor Bradley Borden Suggests "The Law School Firm" in The National Law Journal
    Bradley Borden

    As law schools receive more criticism for not adequately preparing students for practice, Professor Bradley Borden suggests a novel solution: the law school firm. In a forthcoming article co-written by Professor Robert Rhee of the University of Maryland School of Law, Professor Borden conceptualizes a nonprofit law firm that is run as a separate entity by a particular law school and staffed by recent graduates. They compare the idea to that of judicial clerkships in the National Law Journal, explaining, "We see the benefit of having the law's equivalent of a teaching hospital. Senior attorneys in a law school firm would practice law, model best practices for junior attorneys, help train them, and possibly work in collaboration with full-time faculty on research problems that arise in the practice of law."

    Read the full article. 

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