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    04.18.11 2010-2011 Moot Court Honor Society Season Finishes with Gusto
    Moot Court

    Brooklyn Law School’s Moot Court Honor Society teams finished the 2010-2011 season with exceptionally strong finishes in national tournaments. “This has been one of the best years in the history of BLS Moot Court,” said Christopher Casa ‘11, President of the Moot Court Honor Society. In over 30 competitions nationwide, students won individual awards for outstanding appellate and trial advocacy, and three teams took first place in the competitions, and others advanced to quarter-final, semi-final, and final rounds.

    Below are some of the results from this season.

    T. Daris Isbell ’12, Matthew Kremer ‘12, and Alexis Newman ’12, coached by Jacob Bukhsbaum ’12, won first place in the Irving R. Kaufman Memorial Moot Court Competition.

    Jacqueline Conahan ‘12 and Laura Richenderfer ‘12, coached by Robert Witherwax ’11, won first place Champions in the Domenick L. Gabrielli National Family Law Competition.

    Shawn Clark ‘12, Hannah Roth ‘12, Kalish Bell ‘12, and Gleennia Napper ‘12, coached by Carolyn Davis ‘11 & Daria Licausi ’11, won first place in the New York Region of the ABA Labor and Employment Trial Competition.

    Matthew Vince ‘11, Robert Witherwax ‘11, and Sarah Young ‘11, coached by Christopher Casa ’11 and Christopher Repole ‘11, were Semi-Finalists in the New York Region of the New York City Bar National Moot Court Competition.

    An Duong ‘12, Julia Kahlig ‘12, Nicole Lauterbach ‘12, and Antonia Pereira ‘12, coached by Randi Scherman ‘11, Joel Bermejo ’11 and Amy Hseih ‘11 were Semi-Finalists in the Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. They also won Third Best Brief and Duong won Sixth Best Oralist.

    Merissa Kraham ‘12, Leslie Miller ‘13, and Dana Wolfe ‘12, coached by Andrea Clisura ‘11, and Thomas Ostendorp ‘12 were Semi-Finalists in the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. Miller and Wolfe were Best Oralists in the Preliminary Rounds.

    Kalle Condliffe ‘12 and Michael Read ‘12, coached by Anita Aboagye-Agyeman ’11 were Semi-Finalists in the Evan A. Evans Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition.

    Will Hine-Ramsberger ‘12, Thomas Ostendorp ‘12, and Bowen Ranney ‘11, coached by Natalie Mayo ‘11, were Semi-Finalists for the Navy JAG Corps Moot Court Competition.

    Rachel Furman ‘12 and Michael Read ‘12, coached by Bailey Somers ‘11, were Semi-Finalists in the Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition.

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