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  • 12.19.10 Professor Gregg Macey on Potential Law Suit against BP for Gulf of Mexico Spill
    Gregg Macey

    The Department of Justice announced that it plans to sue BP and eight other companies in connection to the oil rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico that lasted throughout the summer of 2010.

  • 12.18.10 Oregon Live Published Op-ed by Professor Jason Mazzone on Constitutionality of New Health Care Law
    Jason Mazzone

    Professor Jason Mazzone wrote an op-ed that was published in Oregon Live discussing whether or not the Supreme Court will declare the new health care law unconstitutional.

  • 12.16.10 Op-Ed by Professor Jason Mazzone on the Health Care Law Featured in The New York Times
    Jason Mazzone

    The New York Times published an op-ed by Professor Jason Mazzone that explores the recent decision on the health care law.

  • 12.15.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Cited by the U.S. Supreme Court
    Jason Mazzone

    Professor Jason Mazzone was cited on June 24, 2010, by Justice Antonin Scalia in his opinion in Doe v. Reed, 130 S.Ct. 2832 (2010).

  • 12.15.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Quoted by the Supreme Court of Minnesota
    Jason Mazzone

    Professor Jason Mazzone was quoted on March 11, 2010, in State v. Lessley, a decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court, 779 N.W.2d 825 (Minn. 2010).

  • 12.14.10 Professor Bradley Borden Discusses Tax Cuts in The Huffington Post
    Bradley Borden

    Professor Bradley Borden wrote an op-ed that was published by The Huffington Post, about the recent tax cut agreement in Congress.

  • 12.06.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses Wikileaks in Huffington Post Op-Ed
    Jonathan Askin

    In an op-ed for The Huffington Post, Professor Jonathan Askin discusses the potential consequences of the release of over 250,000 American diplomatic cables by Wikileaks.

  • 12.02.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on Online "Do Not Call" Registry in New York Times' Room for Debate
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin contributed to the New York Time's Room for Debate discussion of a possible "do not call" registry for the Internet.

  • 12.02.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Cited by U.S. District Court for the Southern District
    Roberta Karmel

    Judge Daniels of the United States District Court for the Southern District cited Professor Roberta Karmel in the Court’s Memorandum Decision and Order in the case, SEC v. Obus on September 20, 2010. The Court cites an article Professor Karmel wrote entitled, “Outsider Trading on Confidential Information- A Breach in Search of a Duty,” 20 Cardozo L. Rev. 83, 108.

  • 11.30.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on Google Earth 6
    Jonathan Askin

    Google has released the sixth version of its program Google Earth, which provides 3D interactive digital models of cities and towns around the world. The newest version includes additional details such as 3D trees and a virtual assistant called “Pegman.”

  • 11.29.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses Wikileaks with Tech News World
    Jonathan Askin

    Wikileaks, the online organization that publishes government documents unauthorized for the public, has gone forward with releasing more than 250,000 cables between the U.S. State Department and 274 embassies around the world.

  • 11.24.10 Professor Lawrence Solan Cited in State of Iowa v. Hicks
    Larry Solan

    Professor Lawrence Solan was cited on November 24, 2010 in State v. Hicks, a decision of the Supreme Court of Iowa.

  • 11.22.10 Professor Susan Herman on the Constitutionality of TSA Full-Body Scans in the Christian Science Monitor
    Susan Herman

    While some call the Transportation Security Administration's new screening procedures necessary for homeland security, a growing number of critics are calling the enhanced pat downs and full-body scans a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

  • 11.19.10 BLS Mourns the Loss of Beloved Professor Margaret Berger

    Brooklyn Law School mourns the loss of its esteemed colleague and dear friend, Professor Margaret A. Berger.

  • 10.27.10 Professor Susan Herman Quoted on My Daily Constitution Event in the New York Post
    Susan Herman

    The New York Post publicized My Daily Constitution's weekend celebration of the First Amendment.

  • 10.27.10 Professor Elizabeth Schneider Publishes New Book: Women and The Law Stories
    Elizabeth Schneider

    Brooklyn Law School is pleased to announce the publication of Women and the Law Stories, co-edited by Elizabeth M. Schneider, Rose L. Hoffer Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School and Stephanie M. Wildman, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University.

  • 10.24.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Discusses Constitutionality of "Don't ask Don't Tell" in The Washington Times
    Jason Mazzone

    Last month, U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips declared the "don't ask, don't tell" military policy as unconstitutional, citing Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down laws against sodomy in Texas.

  • 10.22.10 Professor Lisa Smith Comments on Ohio’s Fetal Homicide Case in The Associated Press
    Lisa Smith

    A precedent-setting case is unfolding where an Ohio man is accused of trying to force his girlfriend at gunpoint to have an abortion.

  • 10.22.10 Professor Jonathan Askin on Political Rallies in The Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    As voters begin to turn away from traditional political party lines, the most talked-about political rallies have been hosted by cable talk show hosts.

  • 10.22.10 Professor David Reiss Comments on Rising Costs of Pension and Health Care on NPR’s Marketplace program
    David Reiss

    Although state and local officials are beginning to express worry that they will be unable to afford rising pension and health care costs, many credit rating agencies do not seem to be factoring this risk.

  • 10.20.10 Professor David Reiss on Bank of America and GMAC Foreclosures
    David Reiss

    After a period of temporary stops due to reports of allegedly incorrect paperwork, Bank of America and GMAC Mortgage are resuming foreclosures.

  • 10.20.10 Professor Derek Bambauer Comments on Internet Censorship in the ABA Journal
    Derek Bambauer

    Critics of China's widespread Internet firewalls are calling the censorship issue a matter of human rights, arguing that barring citizens from unlimited online access violates World Trade Organization treaties.

  • 10.19.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Featured in New York Daily News for "Do Gooders" Award Nomination
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin was featured in the New York Daily News for his Brooklyn Community Foundation "Do Gooder" award nomination.

  • 10.16.10 Professor James Fanto Comments on Countrywide Financial Settlement in The New York Times
    James Fanto

    Angelo Mozilo, former CEO of Countrywide Financial, and two of his top lieutenants have settled civil securities fraud charges filed against them by the SEC.

  • 10.15.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Discusses the Controversy of Rhode Island's Official Name
    Jason Mazzone

    A group of legislators are pushing to have Rhode Island change its official name, "State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations," due to connotations with slavery.

  • 10.14.10 Professor Jonathan Askin on President Obama's MTV Town Hall in The Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin spoke to The Christian Science Monitor about President Obama's town hall meeting, which was broadcasted on MTV, BET, and CMT and streamed on the Internet.

  • 10.08.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Sought After News Commentator on Technology Issues
    Jonathan Askin

    Brooklyn Law School professor Jonathan Askin is the founding director of the Brooklyn Law Incubator Clinic (BLIP), which functions like a law firm that represents Internet, new media, communications, and other tech entrepreneurs and innovators on both business and policy advocacy.

  • 10.08.10 Professor David Reiss Sought After News Commentator on Residential Mortgage Market and Housing Policy
    David Reiss

    Brooklyn Law School Professor David Reiss is the founding director of the Community Development Clinic , which represents community-based organizations, cultural institutions, affordable housing providers, and small businesses that serve underrepresented communities.

  • 10.07.10 Professor David Reiss Comments on Vetoed Foreclosure Notarization Bill
    David Reiss

    President Obama vetoed a bill on October 7 that would have made it more difficult for homeowners to fight foreclosures that may have been improperly documented.

  • 10.06.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Offers Privacy Policy Suggestions for Small Businesses
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin offers privacy policy suggestions for small businesses on, Business on Main.

  • 10.06.10 Professor Joel Gora Comments on Supreme Court First Amendment case in The New York Times’ Room For Debate
    Joel Gora

    In his piece, “Beware of Little Exceptions,” Professor Joel Gora argues that the famous principle of free thought has informed the importance of U.S. Constitutional tolerance of intolerable messages.

  • 10.05.10 Professor Jonathan Askin on Verizon's $90 Million Reimbursements
    Jonathan Askin

    An estimated 15 million Verizon Wireless customers have been charged incorrect additional fees on their phone and internet bills.

  • 09.30.10 Professor Robin Effron Quoted by Third Circuit Court of Appeals
    Robin Effron

    On September 22, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit filed its opinion on a multi-million dollar class action case in which it cited Professor Robin Effron’s article.

  • 09.23.10 Professor David Reiss Speaks to ABC News about National Foreclosure Rates
    David Reiss

    ABC News covered the top 10 cities in the country with the highest rates of foreclosures and warned buyers interested in this real estate.

  • 09.22.10 Professor David Reiss on Lender/Insurer Side Deals
    David Reiss

    Mortgage insurers have been cutting cash payment deals with lenders in exchange for turning a blind eye to bad underwriting practices.

  • 09.17.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Participates in Net Neutrality Debate
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin participated in 4GWE's net neutrality audio-conference, arguing for stronger federal net neutrality policies.

  • 09.17.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Quoted in Corporate Counsel
    Roberta Karmel

    Professor Roberta Karmel was featured in the Corporate Counsel column "What If?", which asks five experts a hypothetical question regarding corporate law.

  • 09.15.10 Professor Jonathan Askin on the use of Social Media as an Election Device in the Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    The Christian Science Monitor explores the use of social media, in particular “tweets,” as a form of grassroots campaigning. Professor Jonathan Askin, who was on President Obama's 2008 campaign tech task force, commented on the power behind tools like Facebook and Twitter.

  • 09.13.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Gives Insight on Net Neutrality Debate
    Jonathan Askin

    Many from the Tea Party movement are calling to end net neutrality and are receiving huge donations from telecom companies in return.

  • 09.08.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Comments on The New York Times Story That Suggests a Sign of the Supreme Court’s Polarization is Its Clerks
    Jason Mazzone

    Daniel Fisher, a Forbes blogger, features Professor Jason Mazzone and his response to a recent The New York Times article about the Supreme Court.

  • 09.08.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Profiled in the National Law Journal
    Jason Mazzone

    The National Law Journal profiled Professor Jason Mazzone and his recent research on the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts, particularly focusing on the relationship between federal and state courts.

  • 09.03.10 Professor Jonathan Askin on Consumer Watchdog’s Critical Video of Google
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin spoke with E-Commerce Times about Consumer Watchdog’s short video that blasts Google for privacy invasion.

  • 08.31.10 Professor Nelson Tebbe and the BLS Summer Law Institute
    Nelson Tebbe

    During the summer of 2010, Brooklyn Law School hosted a five-week legal education Summer Law Institute for rising 9th-grade students from all five boroughs.

  • 08.30.10 This Week in Law Hosts Professor Jonathan Askin to Discuss Net Neutrality
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin was a guest on episode 75 of This Week in Law, “Morons in a Hurry,” with Greg Sandoval.

  • 08.30.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Discusses Verizon-Google Agreement and Net Neutrality
    Jonathan Askin

    Denise Howell interviews Professor Jonathan Askin on This Week in Law podcast on net neutrality and the Verizon-Google agreement.

  • 08.26.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on FCC Fines
    Jonathan Askin

    The FCC is suing Saga Communications, owner of the radio station WAQY, for awarding a contest winner his prize a month after the agreed upon date of receipt.

  • 08.24.10 Professor Elizabeth Schneider Comments on Swanson v. Citibank in BNA Law Week
    Elizabeth Schneider

    In a recent decision, a majority of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit sided with the plaintiff in the case of Swanson v. Citibank, saying that the plaintiff’s complaint concerning a Fair Housing Act claim was sufficient and reversing the District Court judge who had dismissed the plaintiff’s case.

  • 08.23.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Weighs in on the Net Neutrality Debate
    Jonathan Askin

    In a humorous guest post for technology blog TechCrunch, Professor Jonathan Askin compared the controversy surrounding the Google-Verizon deal with the turn of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side in the Star Wars films.

  • 08.22.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Comments on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Index in USA Today
    Roberta Karmel

    USA Today reported on the progress of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Vietnam’s decade old stock exchange.

  • 08.19.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Opines on Municipal Securities Reform in the New York Law Journal
    Roberta Karmel

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act remains a heated topic.

  • 08.13.10 Professor Miriam Baer Quoted on the Search for HP’s New CEO in The New York Times
    Miriam Baer

    With the resignation of Hewlett-Packard’s CEO last Friday, business experts are beginning to compile a list of potential replacements to lead the company. Professor Miriam Baer, whose expertise includes corporate compliance, was quoted by The New York Times on the qualities to look for in a new CEO.

  • 08.12.10 Professor Lisa Smith Discusses Domestic Violence and the Recession in Newsday
    Lisa Smith

    With the sinking American economy, recent studies are showing that levels of domestic violence rise with financial difficulties. Newsday spoke to Professor Lisa Smith, who runs the BLS Family Justice Center Clinic, who connected the depressed economy to the negative environment in the homes of potential domestic abusers.

  • 08.05.10 Professor Nelson Tebbe Offers Unique Perspective on California Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
    Nelson Tebbe

    A federal judge in California overturned the state’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, August 4, 2010. Associate Professor Nelson Tebbe, who has extensively researched the court's views of marriage, commented on the ruling.

  • 07.29.10 The Los Angeles Daily News Publishes Professor Ressler's Editorial on Civil Contempt Confinement Policies
    Jayne Ressler

    An article by Professor Jayne Ressler was featured in the Los Angeles Daily News concerning suspicious civil contempt confinement policies.

  • 07.29.10 Professor Derek Bambauer on "Defining Internet Freedom" in eJournal USA
    Derek Bambauer

    Professor Derek Bambauer recently contributed to the U.S. Department of State's eJournal USA issue on "Defining Internet Freedom."

  • 07.28.10 Professor Derek Bambauer Quoted on Chinese Online Censorship in Intellectual Property Watch
    Derek Bambauer

    Professor Derek Bambauer, an expert on Internet Law, spoke to Intellectual Property Watch about China's online censorship laws and their potential violation of World Trade Organization rules.

  • 07.14.10 Professor Derek Bambauer Comments on eBay Lawsuit in E-Commerce Times
    Derek Bambauer

    Professor Derek Bambauer explains the challenges of patent infringement cases.

  • 07.14.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Quoted on the FCC’s Expletive Fines in Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    On July 13, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Communications Commission must revise its policy on fining broadcasters thousands of dollars for “fleeting expletives” unintentionally aired on television.

  • 07.13.10 Professor Jonathan Askin on Facebook’s Lawsuit in E-Commerce News
    Jonathan Askin

    A New York web designer is suing Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg for up to 85% ownership of the company for breach of contract.

  • 06.30.10 Professor Lawrence Solan Quoted in State of Minnesota v. Andersen
    Larry Solan

    Professor Lawrence Solan was quoted on June 30, 2010 in State v. Andersen, a decision of the Supreme Court of Minnesota.

  • 06.29.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Named Gerald Baylin Professor of Law
    Jason Mazzone

    2010 has been a very good year for Jason Mazzone. A professor and noted scholar of constitutional law, intellectual property, and legal history, Mazzone has been on the receiving end of a number of coveted honors from the Federalist Society, the American Law Institute, the Copyright Society, and Brooklyn Law School.

  • 06.29.10 Professor Edward Janger on Data Privacy in the EU Observer
    Edward Janger

    Professors Edward Janger and Derek Bambauer hosted a reporters roundtable with over a dozen international reporters at Brooklyn Law School to discuss U.S. and E.U. privacy rules and their impact on business practices.

  • 06.25.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Comments on the Financial Reform Bill in the American Banker
    Roberta Karmel

    Following the passage of the final financial reform bill, experts and critics are sifting through the legislation to assess the fate of all those involved.

  • 06.17.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Discusses the Balance of Federal and State Corporate Governance Laws in the New York Law Journal
    Roberta Karmel

    Professor Roberta Karmel explores how the Securities Exchange Commission balances corporate governance laws on the federal and state levels.

  • 06.16.10 Professor Joel Gora Discusses the Paradox of Re-electing Incumbents
    Joel Gora

    On average 95% of Congressional incumbents are re-elected despite their low job approval ratings.

  • 06.16.10 Professor Marsha Garrison on No-Fault Divorce in the New York Times
    Marsha Garrison

    On June 15, the New York State Senate approved a bill that would allow divorces to be filed without naming which party is at fault, making New York one of the last states to implement a no-fault divorce system.

  • 06.16.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Mylan Inc.
    Roberta Karmel

    Generic-drug maker Mylan Inc. is the most recent company being put under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission for selective disclosure of material information.

  • 06.15.10 Associate Deanship for Student Affairs Renamed to Honor Robert B. Catell
    picture of teachers

    Brooklyn Law School recently honored former Law School trustee and past National Grid Chairman Robert B. Catell by naming an Associate Deanship after him as a tribute to his remarkable life’s work and his contributions to the Law School.

  • 06.03.10 Professor David Reiss Discusses FCIC Hearings on Bloomberg TV
    David Reiss

    On June 3, Professor David Reiss was featured on Bloomberg TV to discuss statements made in the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) hearings, which look to better understand the causes of the current economic crisis.

  • 06.01.10 Professor Cynthia Godsoe’s Op-Ed on Pending New York Family Legislation Published in the National Law Journal
    photo of a professor

    Professor Cynthia Godsoe recently published an op-ed about family-focused legislation in New York State in the National Law Journal. The article discussed a newly passed amendment to the Family Court Act which would restore the rights of certain parents whose parental rights have been terminated, but who have been deemed “rehabilitated.”

  • 05.20.10 High Honors for Professor Miriam Baer: Selected for Yale Stanford Junior Faculty Forum
    Miriam Baer

    “Cooperation’s Cost,” a paper written by Professor Miriam Baer, was competitively selected for presentation at Yale Law School as part of the Yale/Stanford Junior Faculty Forum in late June.

  • 05.14.10 Professor Derek Bambauer and Professor Richard Epstein Debate Internet Censorship
    professor baumbauer

    Professor Derek Bambauer was a featured contributor in the U.S. State Department’s series of “Who’s Right” debates, a forum for two experts to discuss a current hot topic of issue.

  • 05.10.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Speaks about Losses from May 6 Stock Market Freefall on CNBC
    Roberta Karmel

    The stock market dropped nearly a thousand points on May 6, bringing the worth of many stable companies down to pennies, only to rebound within the next hour. Although the strange event, whose cause remains unknown, is encouraging new rules for the market, investors who sold their temporarily depressed shares will likely keep those losses.

  • 05.10.10 Professor Jason Mazzone Comments on New Yorkers in the U.S. Supreme Court
    Jason Mazzone

    AOL News pointed out the prevalence of Supreme Court Justices who hail from New York City. New Yorkers currently on the bench are Justices Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Sonia Sotomayor. President Obama’s nominee to replace Justice John Paul Stevens is Solicitor General Elena Kagan who grew up on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

  • 05.05.10 Professor Gerald Shargel Criticizes Senators’ Call to Omit Miranda Rights for Terrorist Suspects
    Gerald Shargel

    The Daily Beast blog featured an editorial by Professor Gerald Shargel, who criticized various U.S. senators’ reactions to the handling of Faisal Shahzad’s arrest.

  • 05.04.10 Professor Gerald Shargel Named Most Visible Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year
    Gerald Shargel

    Since graduating from Brooklyn Law School in 1969, Gerald Shargel has spent practically every day building a reputation as one of the country’s most dynamic, effective, and acclaimed defense attorneys.

  • 04.30.10 Professors Joel Gora and Susan Herman in Wall Street Journal on Campaign Finance Restriction and the ACLU
    Joel Gora

    In an editorial for the Wall Street Journal, Professor Joel Gora, along with Floyd Abrams and Ira Glasser, explores the ACLU’s new stance on campaign finance restrictions.

  • 04.15.10 Professor Roberta Karmel on SEC’s New Rules on Shorts Sales in New York Law Journal
    Roberta Karmel

    In her column, “Securities Regulation,” Professor Roberta Karmel discusses the SEC’s new rules on short sales—a common subject of blame for the current financial crisis.

  • 04.14.10 Professor David Reiss Interviewed on Bloomberg TV about Ratings Companies
    David Reiss

    On April 8, Professor David Reiss appeared on Bloomberg Television’s Investment Program “Taking Stock” to discuss the ever-growing need for rating agency regulation.

  • 04.05.10 Professor Roberta Karmel Quoted in the Wall Street Journal on the SEC "Revolving Door"
    Roberta Karmel

    In a recent article, the Wall Street Journal explored the potential for a conflict of interest when employees leave the Securities and Exchange Commission for the private sector. Several instances have recently come public in which former SEC employees turn to more profitable private companies and represent the very clients they had once investigated.

  • 04.05.10 Professor Ted Janger Elected to American Law Institute
    Professor Edward Janger

    Ted Janger, the David M. Barse Professor of Law, was elected on March 16, 2010 to The American Law Institute (ALI). The ALI is comprised of 4,200 lawyers, judges, and law professors of the highest qualifications who produce scholarly work to clarify, modernize and improve the law.

  • 03.29.10 Professor James Fanto Cited in Wachovia Bank N.A. v. VCG Special Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd.
    James Fanto

    Judge Laura Taylor Swain, District Judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York cited Professors James Fanto and Norman Poser’s case book, Broker-Dealer Law and Regulation (4 ed. 2009) on March 29, 2010 in her opinion in the case of Wachovia Bank N.A. v. VCG Special Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd.

  • 03.24.10 Professor Lawrence Solan Cited in United States ex rel. Gonzalex v. Fresenius Medical Care North America
    Larry Solan

    Professor Lawrence Solan was cited on March 24, 2010, in United States ex rel. Gonzalez v. Fresenius Medical Care North America, a decision of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, El Paso Division.

  • 03.03.10 Memories of an Exemplary Life: Eve Cary
    Eve Cary

    On February 18th, a memorial service organized by Professors Ursula Bentele, Betsy Fajans, Mollie Falk, Linda Feldman, Elizabeth Schneider, Marilyn Walter, and Carrie Teitcher, was held to celebrate the life of Eve Cary, a beloved colleague, teacher, and friend who lost a brave battle with cancer this September.

  • 02.22.10 Professor Anita Bernstein Featured as Guest Blogger on TortsProf Blog
    Anita Bernstein

    Professor Anita Bernstein was featured as a guest blogger on the TortsProf Blog, which provides an ongoing conversation among torts professors from law schools around the country. In her post, Professor Bernstein discussed how instructors can include professional responsibility and legal ethics in torts courses without these issues monopolizing classroom time. Among other points, she suggests explaining contingent fees, conflicts of interest, solicitation, and witness coaching to students during lessons on relevant topics.

  • 02.18.10 Professor Roberta Karmel on Market Competition vs. Fragmentation in New York Law Journal
    Roberta Karmel

    In her column, "Securities Regulation," Professor Roberta Karmel opines about the SEC’s approach in addressing the aftermath of market deregulation.

  • 02.12.10 Professor and Producer: Aliza Kaplan's Post-9/11 Film, "The Oath," wins Sundance Award
    Professor Aliza Kaplan
    The Oath, a documentary co-produced by professor Kaplan, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January where it took the prize for Best Cinematography in a documentary.
  • 02.06.10 Professor Susan Herman Headlines Debate on Patriot Act
    photo of Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman headlined the 26th annual Jefferson B. Fordham debate at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law about the Patriot Act, which will be reexamined by Congress this year.

  • 02.02.10 Professor Lawrence Solan Quoted in O'Donnabhain v. Comm'r
    Larry Solan

    Professor Lawrence Solan was quoted on February 2, 2010, in O’Donnabhain v. Comm’r, a decision of the United States Tax Court.

  • 01.31.10 Professor Gerald Shargel in The Daily Beast on Terror Trials
    Gerald Shargel

    Professor Gerald Shargel posted an article "Stop Dithering, Holder" on the blog The Daily Beast, where he is a frequent contributor. In his editorial, he opines on the ongoing discussion of where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the terrorist allegedly behind the September 11 attacks, will be tried.

  • 01.28.10 Professors Claire R. Kelly and Jason Mazzone Elected to American Law Institute
    Jason Mazzone

    The American Law Institute (ALI) announced recently that Brooklyn Law School professors Claire R. Kelly and Jason Mazzone have been elected as members. The ALI is a leading independent organization producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and otherwise improve the law. The Institute drafts, discusses, revises, and publishes Restatements of the Law, model statutes, and principles of law that are influential in the courts and legislatures, as well as in legal scholarship and education.

  • 01.25.10 Professor Adam Kolber Referenced in New York Times Editorial
    Adam Kolber

    Professor Adam Kolber was quoted in a New York Times editorial on the potential legal repercussions of a baby with more than two parents. Recent scientific breakthroughs have resulted in the birth of baby monkeys with one father and two mothers, in which defective DNA from one mother's egg is replaced with DNA from the second mother.

  • 01.21.10 Professor Joel Gora in New York Times "Room for Debate" on Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling
    Joel Gora

    The New York Times Opinion Section's Room for Debate, which maintains a running commentary on recent news, explored the political spending case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

  • 01.19.10 Professor Gerald Shargel in Wall Street Journal
    Gerald Shargel

    Professor Gerald Shargel was featured on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog for his article "Haiti's Lawless Streets" in the online magazine The Daily Beast. In the post, he illustrates Haiti's legal system and how it both affected and was affected by the earthquake that hit the country on January 12.

  • 01.08.10 Professor Gerald Shargel in USA Today's Opinionline
    Gerald Shargel

    Professor Gerald Shargel was featured on USA Today’s Opinionline, which compiled statements from various experts on the attempted terrorist attack on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day.