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    08.30.10 ABC News Profiles Brooklyn Law School and the Summer Law Institute Program
    Legal Outreach

    On Monday August 30, 2010, ABC Eye Witness News profiled Brooklyn Law School’s partnership with Legal Outreach, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing middle and high school students from underserved communities in New York City.

    The Law School hosted a five-week legal education Summer Law Institute for rising ninth-grade students from all five boroughs. Taught by BLS students Robert Kornblum ’11 and Taemin Sohn ’12, the classes focused on criminal justice and trial procedure. In addition, Professors Stacy Caplow, Steven Dean, Linda Feldman, Bailey Kuklin, Nelson Tebbe, and administrators Alicia Brooks ’07 and Dina Adler, offered insight into their fields of expertise. At the opening ceremony, Interim Dean Michael Gerber welcomed the students to the Law School and encouraged them to learn about the law.

    “Each summer for the past decade we have opened our doors to these talented young students and the energy and enthusiasm with which they approach the study of law is always an inspiration,” Interim Dean Michael Gerber said. “Our partnership with Brooklyn Law School has helped hundreds of young people not only aspire to become attorneys, but commit to the rigorous academic preparation required to realize those aspirations,” said Sandy Santana, Deputy Director of Legal Outreach.

    The Summer Law Institutes program incorporates an intensive legal curriculum as a tool to help students gain the vision they need to obtain a high school and college degree. Its goals are to inspire students to build skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, public speaking, essay writing, test taking, studying, and time management in order to succeed. Twenty-five students participated in the 2010 class, taking daily courses in criminal justice and trial process. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to apply for Legal Outreach’s four-year College Bound program.

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