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    02.15.18 TSI Symposium: Keeping Secrets from the Public
    Trade Secrets Institute logo

    Thursday, February 15
    5:00 p.m.: Registration
    5:30 to 7:45 p.m.: Program

    Brooklyn Law School
    Subotnick Center
    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn, NY

    About the Symposium
    Trade secrets now play a central role in both the economy and public policy. Trade secret enforcement has grown to straddle the boundary between civil and criminal law. Meanwhile, algorithmic decision-making—often including secret proprietary code—is widely used in criminal prosecution and in everyday government services. This two-part discussion of recent developments in trade secret law will feature expert panelists who will examine the shifting balances between civil and criminal enforcement, and between secrecy and transparency in government.

    Panel I: New Developments in Trade Secret Enforcement
    2017 was a breakthrough year for trade secrets enforcement. Major misappropriation suits, including Waymo v. Uber, seized the attention of the tech industry and took a dramatic turn into criminal investigation. Courts began to interpret the provisions of the new Defend Trade Secrets Act. In this panel, leading practitioners will review recent developments in the enforcement landscape.

    Panel II: Secrecy and Accountability in the Age of Algorithms
    Algorithmic decision-making is now widely used by governments in areas from public funding to policing and criminal prosecution. The rise of algorithms has posed a new problem: When should the public have access to the code that affects their lives and freedom? Recent cases and legislation in New York have grappled with the balance between transparency for the public and trade secrecy for the creators of these proprietary processes. This panel will discuss the dilemmas of trade secrecy and accountability in public services.

    View the agenda and panel participants.

    Sponsored by the Trade Secrets Institute and the International Intellectual Property Society (IIPS)

    CLE Credit Offered

    The program provides two (2) CLE credits in the State of New York. Partial credit is not available. The credits are transitional and non-transitional and the category is Professional Practice.

    Register at by February 9. The program is free of charge, regardless of whether you attend for CLE credit.

    About the Trade Secrets Institute
    The Trade Secrets Institute is designed to provide comprehensive neutral coverage of key trade secret cases and legislative or regulatory initiatives throughout the United States. The website connects users to supporting documents, briefs, motions, and timelines for current cases, as well as recent updates on pending legislation or regulatory initiatives concerning trade secrets.

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