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    05.15.17 Roundtable Discussion: The Impact of Brexit on Cross-Border Bankrupcy Practice

    Monday, May 15
    6:30 p.m.

    Brooklyn Law School
    Feil Hall
    Forchelli Conference Center, 22nd Floor
    205 State Street
    Brooklyn, NY

    By Invitation only

    Though the details are not yet clear, Brexit will have a major impact on the shape of cross-border restructurings and insolvencies in Europe and worldwide. At the very least, the UK will no longer be governed by the European Insolvency Regulation. As a result, schemes of arrangement and insolvency orders originating in the UK will face additional uncertainty regarding recognition, and insolvency orders originating in the EU will no longer receive automatic recognition in the UK. How can these lacunae be bridged to facilitate orderly restructurings?
      1. Recognition of Insolvency Proceedings post Brexit - Where will we land?
          a. Prof. Irit Mevorach (University of Nottingham)
          b. Prof. Janis Sarra (University of British Columbia)
          c. Dr. Alexander Bornemann (German Ministry of Justice)
      2. Recognition of Insolvency Proceedings post Brexit - What should we try to negotiate? Can UNCITRAL help?
          a. Prof. Ignacio Tirado (Universidad Autonama de Madrid)
          b. Prof. Riz Mokal (University College London, 3/4 South Square)
          c. Prof. Edward Janger (Brooklyn Law School)
      3. Recognition of Pre-insolvency Schemes post Brexit - All fine anyway?
          a. Prof. Susan Block-Lieb (Fordham Law School)
          b. Prof. Christoph Paulus (Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin)

    Sponsored by the International Insolvency Institute and the Brooklyn Law School Center for the Study of Business Law and Regulation.

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