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    11.19.13 Barry L. Zaretsky Roundtable Discussion: Avoiding Chapter 22 – Predicting Success in Chapter 11
    image of flyer

    Monday, November 18
    6:30 pm-9:00 pm

    Feil Hall, Forchelli Conference Center
    205 State Street
    Brooklyn, New York

    By invitation only

    Online registration is now closed. For information regarding registration, please email Elizabeth Alper, Director of Academic Events, at

    Center for the Study of Business Law and Regulation

    Presentation by Edward I. Altman, Max L. Heine Professor of Finance
    Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

    Professor Altman has been studying Chapter X and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases for decades, and has developed a model to predict the viability of firms as they exit Chapter 11. He has testified before the various Congressional committees on the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 and 2005 amendments, and the current American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11. Professor Altman will present his latest results, and his report will be the starting point for a discussion of feasibility, recidivism, plan modifications, and related issues.

    Professor Barry L. Zaretsky (1950-1997)

    Professor Barry L. Zaretsky, a member of the Brooklyn Law School faculty for 19 years, was a teacher and mentor to countless Brooklyn Law School students and a distinguished bankruptcy and commercial law scholar. His work inside and outside the classroom bridged the worlds of theory and practice.

    Learn more about the Zaretsky Roundtable and Fellowship.

    View the Barry L. Zaretsky Roundtable Steering Committee.

    For more information about this event, contact Elizabeth Alper, Director of Academic Events, at 718-780-0321.

The Introverted Lawyer

Watch: Book launch for Professor Heidi Brown, Director of the Legal Writing Program and author of The Introverted Lawyer: A Seven-Step Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy