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    10.11.13 BLS Symposium: Religious Freedom and Equal Treatment: An International Look
    image of flyer

    Friday, October 11, 2013
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Saturday, October 12, 2013
    9:00 am – 2:00 pm

    Brooklyn Law School
    Subotnick Center
    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn, New York

    View the Agenda and Participants

    Online registration for this event is closed. If you would like to attend, please contact Sophie Maerowitz, External Affairs Assistant, at 718-780-0691.

    About the Symposium
    How legal systems address threats to religious freedom, as well as the use of religious liberty claims to limit equal treatment, varies dramatically around the world. This conference will gather distinguished global experts from the academic and advocacy communities to discuss legal and advocacy challenges in different parts of the globe; offer new theoretical and doctrinal approaches to the potential conflict between these most fundamental individual rights; broaden the academic debate and develop new advocacy strategies; and build lasting cross-border networks among academics and advocates.

    The goal is to cast light on international experiences and doctrinal developments, ultimately invigorating discussion of religious freedom and equal treatment in legal forums worldwide – including in the United States, where there is substantial activity on these issues.

    Keynote Speaker
    Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, an internationally recognized scholar of Islam and human rights in cross-cultural perspectives, is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law, Emory University School of Law; Associated Professor, Emory College of Arts and Sciences; Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Law and Religion; and Fellow, Emory University Center for Ethics.


    • Religious Freedom: Expressing Religion, Attire and Public Spaces
    • Reproductive Freedom and Claims of Conscience
    • Equal Treatment for LGBT People and Claims of Conscience
    • Case Studies: When Religious Opposition Prevents
    • Recognition of Basic Rights


    • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
    • Brooklyn Law School and the Journal of Law and Policy
    • International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO)
    • Information Society Project at Yale Law School

    This conference was made possible with the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

    Learn more about this program in this interview with Professor Nelson Tebbe.

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