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    04.08.10 25th Annual Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Moot Court Competition
    First place team Campbell University

    Thursday, April 8 — Saturday, April 10

    2010 Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition

    On April 8-10, 2010 Brooklyn Law School hosted the esteemed Twenty-Fifth Annual Dean Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition, one of the most prestigious and rigorous appellate competitions in the ABA. View video of the competition here.

    This year's winners:

    Winning Team:
    Team 21- Kevin Bradberry & Matthew Ramsey

    Second Place Team:
    Team 34- Christine Cusick, Adam Flores, & Corey Wallace

    Best Oralist in Final Round:
    Matthew Ramsey (Team 21)

    Best Oralist in Preliminary Rounds:
    Justin Nichols (Team 9)

    Best Brief:
    Team 13- Jennifer Lynch, Reid Shannon, & Adam Polk

    Second Best Brief:
    Team 18- Amy Ma, Jared Moser, & Madana Hermiz

    Third Best Brief:
    Team 34- Adam Flores, Christine Cusick, & Corey Wallace

    Last year’s competition provided an opportunity for participants to write an appellate brief addressing an evidentiary issue in a contemporary context.  The final round was presided over by United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.; United States Court of Appeals Judge M. Margaret McKeown, Ninth Circuit and New York State Court of Appeals Judge Victoria A. Graffeo.  

    For more information, visit the Moot Court Honor Society page. If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Mayo at the Moot Court Office at (718) 780-7970, or send an email to

    2010 Competition Briefs

    Team 1R
    Team 2P
    Team 3R
    Team 4R
    Team 5P
    Team 6P
    Team 7P
    Team 8P
    Team 9P
    Team 10P
    Team 11P
    Team 12R         

    Team 13P 
    Team 14P
    Team 15P
    Team 16P
    Team 17R
    Team 18R
    Team 19P
    Team 20R
    Team 21P
    Team 22R
    Team 23R
    Team 24P          

    Team 25P
    Team 26P
    Team 27P
    Team 28P
    Team 29R
    Team 30R
    Team 31P
    Team 32P
    Team 33R
    Team 34R
    Team 35R
    Team 36R


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