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Opening Doors: BLS students get the edge with powerful networking and mentoring opportunities.
Students at Brooklyn Law School get the edge with powerful networking and mentoring opportunities in careers as varied as sports, fashion, labor relations, and tax law. Recently, the General Counsel of the NY Giants, the Corporate Counsel of Michael Kors, the top brass of the National Labor Relations Board, leaders of the public service bar, and representatives from the Big Four all spent time at BLS to discuss their professional experiences with students, faculty, and alumni… Read More

The Road to the Aisle: How same-sex marriage litigation moved so far, so fast
The impending end of the same-sex marriage litigation in the United States raises several issues that are worth pondering: the speed with which cases have made it to the Court, the complex dance of law and politics that came to mark same-sex marriage advocacy, the obstacles the movement avoided along the way, and the role of the Supreme Court’s 2013 opinion in United States v. Windsor. These issues speak not just to the same-sex marriage story, but more generally to 21st-century civil rights advocacy in the United States… Read More

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