• Articles:

    The Gentrification Trigger: Autonomy, Mobility, and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
    Rachel D. Godsil

    Neighborhood Conservation Districts: The New Belt and Suspenders of Municipal Zoning
    William A. Fischel

    Community Benefit Agreements: A Symptom, Not the Antidote, of Bilateral Land Use Regulation
    Alejandro E. Camacho

    Crowdsourcing Land Use
    Lee Anne Fennell

    Exploring Taxation as a Substitute for Overregulation in the Development Process
    Stewart E. Sterk

    Transferable Development Rights Programs: “Post-Zoning?”
    Vicki Been & John Infranca

    Governmental Conservation Easements: A Means to Advance Efficiency, Freedom from Coercion, Flexibility, and Democracy
    Gerald Korngold

    Land Use and Climate Change: Lawyers Negotiating Above Regulation
    John R. Nolon

    Redeeming Transect Zoning?
    Nicole Stelle Garnett

    The Takings Clause and Partial Interests in Land: On Sharp Boundaries and Continuous Distributions
    Richard A. Epstein

  • Notes:

    A Tax Analysis of the Emerging Class of Hybrid Entities
    Joseph M. Binder

    The Sky’s the Limit: The Border Search Doctrine and Cloud Computing
    Nicolette Lotrionte

    The Creation of an “Access Right” in the Ninth Circuit’s Digital Copyright Jurisprudence
    Stephen B. Popernik

    An Unveiling: Exploring the Constitutionality of a Ban on Face Coverings in Public Schools
    Cassandra M. Vogel

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