• Articles:

    Democracy and Criminal Discovery Reform After Connick and Garcetti
    Janet Moore

    The Class Differential in Privacy Law
    Michele Estrin Gilman

    Democratic Inclusion, Cognitive Development, and the Age of Electoral Majority
    Vivian E. Hamilton

  • Notes:

    For Sale: The Threat of State Public Accommodations Laws to the First Amendment Rights of Artistic Businesses
    Susan Nabet

    Protecting the Border, One Passenger Interrogation at a Time
    Dina Kleyman

    Gods Behind Bars: Prison Gangs, Due Process, and the First Amendment
    Justin L. Sowa

    Homebuyer Beware: MERS and the Law of Subsequent Purchasers
    Joshua J. Card

    “The Power to Tax Involves the Power to Destroy”: How Avant-Garde Art Outstrips the Imagination of Regulators, and Why a Judicial Rubric can Save It
    Rachel J. Tischler

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