• Articles:

    Targeting, Command Judgment, and a Proposed Quantum of Information Component: A Fourth Amendment Lesson in Contextual Reasonableness
    Geoffrey S. Corn

    Trapped in the Amber: State Common Law, Employee Rights, and Federal Enclaves
    Chad DeVeaux

    Lemkin’s Situation: Toward a Rhetorical Understanding of Genocide
    Perry S. Bechky

    Avoiding a Confrontation?: How Courts Have Erred in Finding that Nontestimonial Hearsay Is Beyond the Scope of the Bruton Doctrine
    Colin Miller 

    Clearinghouse Governance: Moving Beyond Cosmetic Reform
    Kristin N. Johnson

  • Notes:

    Surviving an Immigration Marriage Fraud Investigation: All You Need Is Love, Luck, and Tight Privacy Controls
    Samantha L. Chetrit

    Sliding Down the Slippery Slope of the Sixth Amendment: Arguments for Interpreting Padilla v. Kentucky Narrowly and Limiting the Burden It Places on the Criminal Justice System
    Colleen A. Connolly

    Shady Grove: Class Actions in the Context of Erie 
    Elizabeth Guidi 

    Policing the Virtual Red Light District: A Legislative Solution to the Problems of Internet Prostitution and Sex Trafficking
    Abby R. Perer

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