• Articles

    The New Moral Turpitude Test:
    Failing Chevron Step Zero 
    Mary Holper 

    Technology Assessment 2.0:
    Revamping Our Approach to
    Emerging Technologies 
    Albert C. Lin

    The Prehistory of Fair Use 
    Matthew Sag 

    Cities @ Crossroads:
    Digital Technology and Local
    Democracy in America 
    Jennifer Shkabatur

    Originality Proxies:
    Toward a Theory of Copyright
    and Creativity 
    Eva E. Subotnik

  • Notes:

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices
    Act: The Need for Reform in the
    Age of Financial Chaos 
    Matthew R. Bremner 

    Hate Is Enough: How New York’s Bias
    Crimes Statute Has Exceeded Its
    Intended Scope 
    Alex Ginsberg 

    Smack Apparel, College Color Schemes
    and the Muddying of
    Trademark Law 
    Joshua Saltzman 

    One Man, Six Votes, and Many
    Unanswered Questions:
    Cumulative Voting as a Remedial
    Measure for Section 2 Violations
    in Port Chester and Beyond 
    Shawna C. MacLeod 

    Making Up for Lost Educational
    Opportunities: Distinguishing
    Between Compensatory Education
    and Additional Services as Remedies
    Under the IDEA 
    T. Daris Isbell

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