• Essay

    The Roles of a Federal District Court Judge
    Jack B. Weinstein


    Reviving Proxy Marriage
    Andrea B. Carroll

    Parents Involved, School Assignment Plans, and the Equal Protection Clause: The Case for Special Constitutional Rules
    Preston C. Green, III
    Julie F. Mead
    Joseph O. Oluwole

    The Case for Candor: Application of the Self-Critical Analysis Privilege to Corporate Diversity Initiatives
    Pam Jenoff

    Taking War Seriously: A Model for Constitutional Constraints on the Use of Force in Compliance with International Law
    Craig Martin

  • Notes:

    eMonopoly: Why Internet-Based Monopolies Have an Inherent “Get-out-of-Jail-Free Card”
    George N. Bauer

    Are Police People Too?: An Examination of the Federal Tort Claims Act’s “Private Person” Standard as It Applies to Federal Law Enforcement Activities
    Stanton R. Gallegos

    The God Exclusion: The Constitutional Implications of Proselytization and Religious Discrimination in the U.S. Military
    Daniel H. Michaelson

    No More Excuses: A Case for the IRS’s Full Compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act
    Rimma Tsvasman

    The Good, the Bad, and the Disparate: Analyzing Federal Sentencing in the Border Districts, 1996-2008
    Sarah C. White

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