• Articles:

    Confrontation and Hearsay Issues in Federal Court Terrorism Prosecutions of Gitmo Detainees: Moussaoui and Paracha as Harbingers?
    Norman Abrams

    Scientific Evidence as Foreign Law
    Edward K. Cheng

    Evidentiary Incommensurability: A Preliminary Exploration of the Problem of Reasoning from General Scientific Data to Individualized Legal Decision-Making
    David L. Faigman

    Scientific Evidence in Criminal Prosecutions: A Retrospective
    Paul C. Giannelli

    Professor Margaret Berger, the Epitome of the Fully Engaged Scholar and Friend of the Court
    Edward J. Imwinkelried

    Individualization Claims in Forensic Science: Still Unwarranted
    Konathan J. Koehler & Michael J. Saks

    The Courts, the NAS, and the Future of Forensic Science
    Jennifer L. Mnookin

    Revealing and Thereby Tempering the Abuses of Government-Created Evidence in Criminal Trials
    Robert P. Mosteller

    Honoring Margaret Berger with a Sensible Idea: Insisting that Judges Employ a Balancing Test Before Admitting the Accused’s Convictions Under Federal Rule of Evidence 609(a)(2)
    Aviva Orenstein

    Reflections on Teaching Evidence with an Audience Response System
    Roger C. Park

    Thoughts About Giles and Forfeiture in Domestic Violence Cases
    Myrna S. Raeder

    Inquiry, Relevance, Rules of Exclusion, and Evidentiary Reform
    D. Michael Risinger

    Applying Daubert Inconsistently?: Proof of Individual Causation in Toxic Tort and Forensic Cases
    Joseph Sanders

  • Notes:

    Religious Accommodation and Housing: Fair Housing after Bloch v. Frischholz
    Chloe M. Jones

    The Short-Changing of Investors: Why a Short Sale Price Test Rule Is Necessary in Today’s Markets
    Melissa W. Palombo

    A Right of Confrontation for Competition Hearings Before the European Commission
    Jameson J. Dempsey

    Customer Disservice: Bank Compliance with the New York State Exempt Income Protection Act
    Sasha L. Linney

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