• Articles:

    The Limits of Formal Economics in Tort Reform: The Puzzle of Negligence
    Shawn J. Bayern 

    The Costs of Abusing Probationary Sentences: Overincarceration and the Erosion of Due Process
    Andrew Horwitz 

    Dignity, Legal Pluralism, and Same-Sex Marriage
    Jeffrey A. Redding 

  • Notes:

    Treating Section 303(b) of the Bankrupty Code as Subject-Matter Jurisdictional: Sound Approach or Involuntary Reflex?
    Rachel Green 

    The Sovereign Debt Dilemma
    James A. Hays II 

    Unscrambling the Organic Eggs: The Growing Divergence Between the DOJ and the FTC in Merger Review After Whole Foods
    Raymond Z. Ling 

    Competing with Antitrust Laws: How New York's Post and Hold Liquor Law Will Lose Against the Sherman Act 
    Tammy E. Linn

    License to Kill: MDY v. Blizzard and the Battle Over Copyright in World of Warcraft 
    Ross Shikowitz


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