• Symposium: Is Morality Universal, and Should the Law Care?

    The Natural Logic of Morals and Laws 
    Ray Jackendoff

    Interpreting Intent: How Research on Fold Judgments of Intentionality Can Inform Statutory Analysis 
    Julia Kobick and Joshua Knobe

    How to Improve Empirical Desert 
    Adam J. Kolber 

    The Natures fo Universal Moralities 
    Bailey Kuklin 

    Is the Prohibition of Homicide Universal?: Evidence from Comparative Criminal Law 
    John Mikhail

    Blame, Praise, and the Structure of Legal Rules 
    Lawrence M. Solan

  • Notes:

    Judging GINA: Does the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 Offer Adequate Protection? 
    Joanne Barken

    The Right to Allocution: A Defendant's Word on Its Face or Under Oath? 
    Celine Chan

    Caffeine: The New "Energy" Crisis: The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and Its Implications for Caffeine Regulation 
    Nausheen Rokerya 

    I See London, I See France: The Constitutional Challenge to "Saggy" Pants Laws 
    William C. Vandivort

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