• Articles:

    Profits-Only Partnership Interests
    Bradley T. Borden

    Collateral Children: Consequence and Illegality at the Intersection of Foster Care and Child Support
    Daniel L. Hatcher

    Saving Subchapter K: Substance, Shattered Ceilings, and the Problem of Contributed Property
    Andrea Monroe

  • Notes:

    When Fighting Is Impossible: A Contractual Approach to the Military’s Conscientious Objection Rules
    Alexander Drylewski

    Balancing the Interests of Researchers and Donors in the Commercial Scientific Research Marketplace
    Meghan M. Overgaard

    Non-Traditional Activism: Using Shareholder Proposals to Urge LGBT Non-Discrimination Protection
    Joseph A. Roy

    Who Is to Blame? (and What Is to Be Done?): Liability of Secondary Actors Under Federal Securities Laws and the Alien Tort Claims Act
    Andrei Takhteyev

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