• Articles:

    “There’s Danger Here, Cherie!”: Liability for the Promotion and Marketing of Drugs and Medical Devices for Off-Label Uses
    Richard C. Ausness
    Google’s Law
    Greg Lastowka

  • Notes:

    The Rule 2019 Battle: When Hedge Funds Collide with the Bankruptcy Code
    Sparkle L. Alexander 

    The Underground Railroad to Reproductive Freedom: Restrictive Abortion Laws and the Resulting Backlash
    Janessa L. Bernstein
    The Hedge Fund Holdup: The SEC’s Repeated Unnecessary Attacks on the Hedge Fund Industry
    Joseph Lanzkron
    Shuffling to Justice: Why Children Should Not Be Shackled in Court
    Anita Nabha

    Point and Click to Protect Public Health: Taking Charge of Information Dissemination over the Internet During a Public Health Emergency
    Laurie N. Stempler

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