• Articles:

    Crisis on the Immigration Bench: An Ethical Perspective
    Michele Benedetto

    Shopping During Extended Store Hours: From No Shops to Go-Shops: The Development, Effectiveness, and Implications of Go-Shop Provisions in Change of Control Transactions 
    Christina M. Sautter 

    Can Religious Influence Ever Be “Undue” Influence?
    Jeffrey G. Sherman

  • Notes:

    The Supreme Court’s Post-9/11 War-on-Terror Jurisprudence: Special Considerations, Threshold Determinations, and Anticipatory Review 
    Ari Aranda

    For the Sake of the Children: A New Approach to Securing Same-Sex Marriage Rights?
    S.J. Barrett

    Defining Fashion: Interpreting the Scope of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act
    Elizabeth F. Johnson

    Ending the Uniformity of Residential Real Estate Brokerage Services: Analyzing the National Association of Realtors’ Multiple Listing Service Under the Sherman Act
    Beth Nagalski

    Melting in the Hands of the Court: M&M’s, Art, and a Prisoner’s Right to Freedom of Expression
    Melissa Rivero

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