• Articles:

    The Flurry of Tax Law Changes Following the 2005 Hurricanes: A Strategy for More Predictable and Equitable Tax Treatment of Victims
    Patrick E. Tolan, Jr.

    George W. Bush and the Nature of Executive Authority: The Role of Courts in a Time of Constitutional Change
    Michael P. Allen
    Market Fragmenting Regulation: Why Gasoline Costs So Much (And Why It’s Going to Cost More)
    Andrew P. Morriss
    Nathaniel Stewart

  • Notes:

    Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Barriers to Enforcing a Code of Ethics for Thoroughbred Auctions in the United States
    Catherine Altier

    Planning Disaster: Price Gouging Statutes and the Shortages They Create
    Michael Brewer

    Statutes of Liberty?: Seeking Justice Under United States Law When Diplomats Traffic in Persons
    Krista Friedrich

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