• Articles:

    The Dialogic Promise: Assessing the Normative Potential of Theories of Constitutional Dialogue
    Christine Bateup

    Bankruptcy Reform and the Financial Well-Being of Women: How Intersectionality Matters in Money Matters
    Kristin Brandser Kalsem

    Two Theories of Habeas Corpus
    Steven Semeraro

  • Notes:

    Not a Part of Her Sentence: Applying the Supreme Court’s Johnson v. California to Prison Abortion Policies
    Elizabeth Budnitz

    A Narrowing of the Prior Conviction Exception
    Daniel Doeschner

    Liability Laundering and Denial of Justice: Conflicts Between the Alien Tort Statute and the Government Contractor Defense
    Ryan Micallef

    Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Compulsory Identification and the Fallacy of the Hiibel Majority
    William H. Weisman

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